Video 44 Your Doctor Doesn’t Really Care – proof

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Your Doctor doesn’t really care

Your doctor doesn’t really care, know the truth, this will show with proof, you can know the lies and the truth, learn it here in this brief explanation of the so called medical professionals learning practice’s, and more importantly “lack of consistent, positive, long term, out comes!” Learn who it is that really teaches them, and the truth of motives behind it all!

People blindly “go to the Doctor for help,” wrong, wrong, wrong! Let us look at the word care, and then let’s look at a deep level, and ask some very basic questions! For instance, does your Doctor ever, I mean ever, try to persuade you to be active in prevention? Now i am not talking a suggestion, I mean when was the last time your Doctor had you lay out your diet in depth! More importantly did your health care professional actually give exact “reasons why” to do this or that? So if they connot direct you with facts, they do not “care,” enough to know themselves!

Bert Seelman of shares the proven reality of the medical society, big pharma, and the DUPED Professionals! Bert who works with and helps to design proven documented, endorsed, natural based programs that people have used to regain their health and performance on all levels shares his understanding!

This video will awaken your logic, reality, and search for more truths! LEARN of just one families impacts!

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