Results, Why They Slow or Stop…. Explained    

Results, why they Slow or Stop….

Fitness, exercise, health, weight loss, muscle gain,sports performance, the gym, programs in general, where are the steady, constant, measurable results, and why do they slow down or stop?

Fitness, exercise, weight (fat)loss programs, if, IF, you are going to the gym on a constant basis and not getting or seeing, positive “actually measurable and photo-graphable” results, you are “over training” and doing “more damage” than good!  Exercise is a “stimulus or stress, or triggering, for results of a hopeful positive nature!

Why, because exercise is actually a stimulus or stressor, actually “a working at a level that is beyond normal levels!” Why, to cause a hopeful positive effect and because no measurable results are HAPPENING, this is due to the body NOT BEING ABLE TO ADEQUATELY  RESPOND!

NOTE: If this is you, STOP, get quality, adequate nutrition, more rest or time to accumulate, and process nutrition, and slow down on the exercise, now! “Your health is being compromised, and you are “aging or actually wearing out” this is just two of the negative effects.

Over training is the single most problematic cause of slowed or halted results!
For over 40 years we have “engineered, and measured” every phase and area of our programs, verifying more facts by more tests, to get more results, so we can test more for our clients assured,and proven  success!

Realize the information below is to give understanding and direction toward better health!


Exercise = stimulus, trigger, stressor, triggering – hence the word exer = exerT- cise
Nutrition = materials to build, repair, or maintain- nutrients = vitamins and fuels
Rest = time to accumulate and process adequate materials and process them into reserves for response

Success is attained by understanding the requirements, needs, applications, or “working knowledge through vast experience! Our record over 43 years speaks to unequaled, tested, proven results that are typical with each and every client, provide our guidelines are followed!


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