The Most Important Questions About Fitness Programs

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The Most Important Questions for Fitness, Diet, or Training Programs

What are the most important questions about a true fitness program or even just a dietary program?
The how to know is a huge encompassing objective approach in many ways, yet it can be simplified as Bert Seelman lays out a basic approach to so that nothing of major importance is missed!
Bert wrote the book, “The Great Fitness Fraud,” 300 million victims, and one program for your defense!
His book lays out what has been missing in fitness and exercise programs for years. The book covers why people were failing. There are simple plain straight forward steps to get your health moving in the right direction for better performance, while learning for life.
Questions are systematic so that a whole picture is clearly painted, the why, what, how, and these are there to prevent your failure in getting entrapped in a program that is doomed to fail! Topics like weighing, heart rates, diet, cardio, exercise, body composition, supplementation and much more. An actual listed procedure to ensure your results or know why this or that program is not for you!

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