Video 3 – Doctor Tells Damaging Side Effects of Pharmaceutical Drugs

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 A Doctor tells truth of pharmaceutical drugs and medications

A doctor of pharmacy, a pharmacist tells the truth about, the reality of pharmaceutical drugs, medications, just some of what the damaging, dangerous side effects or actual effects that are common with all prescription drugs or medications and how they are more far more damaging or bad on your health, as she is interviewed by Bert Seelman of!

The Doctor and pharmacist actually tells how the prescription drugs lie, or dupe you yet only mask, cover up or relieve the only symptoms. Mostly importantly the doctor tells us that there are other much better, more beneficial natural methods, that are or should be considered even preferred. Too many individuals are living a drug or pharmaceutical suspended life, for a huge profit return for the large medical community and Big Pharma.

There are many lies, secrets so to speak, that engulf individuals, actually dupe them into constantly having to have evaluations, more procedures, and more prescriptions for nothing truly healthful to the client!


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Pharmacist tells truth of bad side effects

A doctor of pharmacy a pharmacist tells the truth or reality of bad side effects on health that are common of dangerous prescription drugs and pharmaceutical medications as she is interviewed by Bert Seelman!