Video 25 How To Test Your Doctor

How to test or qualify your Doctor or physician

How to test or qualify your Doctor or physician, with a simple common sense test, to know of the right or obvious questions, to be sure that your doctor is qualified, competent and caring! Most individuals will say their Doctor really cares, when with a small amount of investigation, and checking of actions it becomes self-evident!

Is the Doctor really concerned, and caring for your long term health, not just about modern medicine, pharmaceuticals, and procedures to make money! Or is this Doctor about Big Pharma’s recommendations, slight of hand misleadings, duping of the sick, and worse? Many individuals have been misled, and duped when the reality is anything can be greatly changed with all natural methods and working knowledge! -examples-

TRUTH is quickly revealed by an obvious common sense test, stated by Bert Seelman of! So, Bert is not totally anti doctor, but it may appear this way, however in reality it shows that Bert’s primary concern is individuals health long term!.

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