Untreatable and Incurable

Incurable and Untreatable, the myth, the lie, sadly enough believed…

Untreatable and incurable, can you imagine being someone told this? This type of “thought” can be extremely limiting in itself, let alone the damage that is could do to another human being!

Worse yet, who, but a total fool or idiot, would believe such a lie? It would most likely be a very Godless person!

Those who would believe this are either “greatly misled” or are idiotic, unlearned, egotistical, and more than likely over educated! How can I say this? It is not just easy to say, but easier to know, as I have seen this “LIE,” way more often than I care to. This problem about the “lie” and why it is so prevalent will be delved into more deeply at another place and time. For the moment here I want to address the possibilities of what could come, with an open mind.

All of us have heard of those “rare” occasions, of people getting well when supposedly everything was against them, at least according to the limited thinking of arrogant medical profession. This “idea” of “untreatable” and “incurable” has been found, even if only in rare to extremely rare occasions, to “get well.”

Doesn’t anyone wonder, “if just by chance,” there could have been a similar positive factor, (a common denominator), that was common to those beating the odds? Yes why could it not have been a small but important consistent fact, that made a huge difference? After all people have beaten the so called odds!

I can tell you, that “there are such common factors” that can, and do make it possible to “beat the odds,” and thereby occur, which “engineer” hope for others! So things “unseen” by some, are and have “seen” by others.

Think and understand what is about to be presented here. The human body grows a new stomach lining every four days, a new layer of skin every twenty eight days, and every single cell is totally replaced in the entire body in sixteen to eighteen months. That means that we are a new being every sixteen to eighteen months, that means we have a huge possibility to radically change our physical condition! Please re-read the above paragraph, and allow considerations of this actual occurrence!

Due to what we eat, which are the materials that we will be “rebuilt” or recreated with, this allows or makes our possibilities too numerous! If we were to get the best nutrients, adequate nutrients, at the right time, and balanced materials (foods) we now have all kinds of chances for many positive changes.     -foods-

Imagine if we were to change out all the inter-cellular and extra-cellular fluids, to make them revitalized, balanced and nutrient rich, while removing any toxic or bad contents! Our body would then experience, a total change in it’s ability for the way it operates or functions and could be revitalized at the least.

This writing is to make those people aware, who have some of these limited thoughts, that “incurable” and “untreatable” are just that, limited beliefs, and limited thoughts.

Remember these below, were limited beliefs at one time:

The world is flat.

A ship can’t be powered without wind.

A horseless carriage was impossible.

A wireless phone is fantasy.

Man on the moon can never happen.

Transplanting an organ from one human to another is pure science fiction.

These thoughts are and were all limited beliefs for some at one point. Yet today we have organs transplanted and the person lives!

I know that the reasons so many believe they are supposedly in an “incurable” or “untreatable” condition is most often the limiting thinking of the attending physician and closest caretakers!

We are a three part man and yet physicians only treat the physical! Some, do deal with the mental. What about the spiritual? If we are truly a three part man, then let’s deal with him as a whole complete being and not limit possibilities!

The truth is, all things are treatable and curable, “IF YES IF,” a person is willing to change!

This solution is real, however it is not always easy, fun, and it will require “effort.” It is there for anyone who truly desires it. The change comes from the spirit, the mind and the body being addressed in totality!  – learn how it works-

Even with the “so called” genetic inheritance, there is still the possibilities of slowing, limiting the progression of any, yes any problems. This is due to the fact that we can help to contain the spread or result by “NOT FEEDING” the problem the wrong foods and chemicals that enhance or speed the advancement!

With “working knowledge,” we can literally aide the body to work more efficiently with any condition. There needs to be the question asked, what are you doing to prevent advancement and encourage positive responses?

So, are you being positive and pro-active or are you being complacent which is “actively negative, and helping the disease?” Everyone involved is one or the other!

In my many years of dealing with healing, I have found that most individuals faced with change, won’t, don’t want to, and or lack the required efforts! Most are going to just settle for what is being proposed to them! This is where the efforts to even do a little research, is way too much. Others are the types that their “sickness” is getting them “attention,” and they do not want to lose that attention even at the cost of their life.

How can I say these things, easy, because they are all too true! The parents of sick and ailing children don’t want to stop getting attention! Even the parents for the most part, are “sicker” in many ways than their children! After all, most all sickness starts form the body being weakened through poor dietary intake and parents do not want to be guilty of that. You see in today’s world having to “know” about proper eating, comes second to taste and convenience.

In today’s world, if you are hurting from a sickness, all you have to do is “ASK” for a pain killer or reliever and you are going to get it, quickly, easily through your modern drug dealer, your physician! So it is no great effort, to totally avoid dealing with the facts or sickness or needed efforts to heal, when you can easily be “numbed out!”

Reality is for most, “perception added to emotion!” However, this is not true reality. Perceptions and emotions cause individuals to “see” and “hear” that which is not so! Just as “semantics” is a game of “words” played with the intention to “mis-perceive!” This semantics game with health today is done for reasons of financial gains!

The word “cure” means “to give relief.” While the word “heal” means to “restore to the original.” I myself definitely prefer being healed. Just in knowing the reality of words, like “cure or heal,” many things are misunderstood!

So here are my quotes:

The idea of untreatable or incurable is reality only for those who do not understand the requirements, working knowledge, and the sequence, of the proper integration of the spiritual with the physical and intellectual!  –  Bert Seelman

 Short version of quote:

Untreatable and incurable are the descriptions of the minds and beliefs, behind these statements!  – Bert Seelman

Note: the word, term, reference, and reality of the word “spirit,” is so vastly accepted it is even by law defined as “the animating force of a human being!”

Definition of SPIRIT

1: an animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms.

The modern societal accepted approach: It is totally accepted, to “go to the Doctor.”

No, no, and no, this can be lunacy, stupidity, ignorance, laziness, and sloth! WRONG!

When going to the Doctor you are being treated by an individual who has been constrained by legalities, preposterous insanities, hoax’s, and the proverbial “golden handcuffs”and this is your choice of slow and or speedy death!

Understand, Big Pharmaceutical companies are the real educators of our medical systems today and the true bottom line, is your money for them, any way they can get it. There are other ways, natural methods that are highly effective,and that work, and work well! there are indigenous tribes or people who have used natural things for healing, before our so called modern medicine! The God of the Bible has other ways, thoughts, and ideas for people to be healed, and they work! The problem with anything “outside the box”is that open minds are the exception and not the rule. Even when what is in the box is not working, most cannot and will not open their thinking! People say they believe in God, yet they will not study or take time to learn God’s instructions, because it is “easier,” faster, to just do what everyone else does!

However, these so-called other methods, take some time, plus efforts, to research, read, study and practice, yet the true answers are there for the taking! I have seen it, and it truly works, without exception when the “requirements” are met.

The view of society or most of the “educated world” is that “the formally educated” view, is the acceptable way to treat or view sickness or disease. But, it does not take much of a critical view to see that what is “in the box” is not working, as we have more diseased individuals today, living in a suspended state of overly medicated conditions, and not a true longer life span as the commercial spin is stating.

The major problem is at the foundation, which is lacking the teaching of the most valuable point, prevention and or self maintenance. If true prevention were taught, we would see way far less disease and way more health. We all can live a better maintained life IF, if, we chose to take positive preventive actions. Literally, the length and the quality of our lives are ours, so choose!


Hosea 4:6  – My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:


Knowledge of how our bodies work should be of primary importance and understanding to all who wish to live a long healthful life!

NOTE: If someone does not find time to gain knowledge of this, there in is the obviousness of their priorities and the end result for that person, should it be by bad health, it is by their own choice.

 ©copyright Bert Seelman 2012


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