One Observation of Health

One observation of health, and that observation is through nutrition, supplements, food, and diet!

SUPPLEMENTS – are they or are they an assurance and an insurance ?

On regarding of supplements….a logical view!

Our body replaces every cell approximately every 15-18 months.

So we are replaced by what we consume. So, what are you?

Some individuals say they get all they need from the food they eat, so what’s wrong with their health?


These same individuals must believe that farmers worry more about the consumer’s nutrition than their profit. Who’s stupid here?

In today’s fast paced changing world health is being depleted. Look around!

Today not only are the fields lacking available nutrients, our foods are being more processed, and our stress on every level is increased. Do you think we are affected?

Why are even natural cures, not working most of the time, it’s simple!

Today we are lacking the very basic essential nutrients in adequate amounts for synergy to get the minimums of healthful responses from our bodies. (read this again)

To acquire health or to regain health, we must establish an adequate “base of health” through nutrition. (restoration and revitalization)

Acquiring this base of health is most readily and easily done through “good” and properly sequenced supplementation.

These supplements need to be carefully selected, prioritized, and or sequenced for optimum results.

When considering supplements, they should be seen as containing the essences of what our foods should supply us.

These are the critical components or actual materials of which our bodies are built, and not just the calories or the fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. (or empty calories)

Nutrients belong at the top of our grocery list, that is where they belong. Not seen as some pill, as most so called health practitioners see them.

It is far better to have 10% too much of what revitalizes our body, than 10% too little?

Expensive urine, would be “better” than lacking enough, in common sense type thinking!

I know my choice… more, definitely not less!

Remember, “Health is not lost; it is sacrificed on the altar of the cheap, fast, easy and immediate.”

So choose!


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