Video 53 – How To Test A Personal Fitness Trainer

How to test a personal fitness trainer

barbells     How to test a PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINER

Personal fitness trainers, most often are not always able to deliver what is expected! This video is about, how to test, qualify, a personal fitness trainer and what questions you need to ask, and the answers to have! How to know if they are actually qualified, if they are a true professional, and not just certified! There are actual physiological facts about fitness that need to be asked, so measurable results are actually a possibility to be gained and not waste your time, money, efforts and especially your health! Certifications do not require individuals to actually apply any sets of skills to actually prove or verify they know how to get results for their clients!

Bert Seelman of talks about the reality of what a true professional will know!
Hiring a “certified” personal fitness trainer or coach is NO guarantee of healthful, good, fast measurable results, you should really find an individual who is “verified” by client results! Results that are measured or tested, these measured results are or should be preferred over being certified! Many individuals hire with a choice made by emotions, rather than logical reasoning.

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