Health, are you missing a part???

Health, what is it, and do you “really” truly want to know? Most “think they want it,” many “say they want it,” however “very, very, few” actually seek it, and will move to it!      

Health is a state of being in which we are “operational” at an optimum level! This means the “whole three part man,” being spirit, physical, and mental. For instance when someone wants a “cure,” that word cure means to cause “relief,” or to “stop the pain” or to eliminate the “irritation or symptom.” Where “heal” means to “restore to the original,” or best operating condition, not just eliminate the symptom as in a cure. The word “health” comes from the word “heal” which is the first four letters of health.

Real health takes “efforts” of thoughts, with our desires, plus physical doings, about what is required in all three parts, spirit, physical body, and in mind! Wow, that in itself is just too much for most, “an effort!” How is it when someone says that “all areas have to be dealt with” that then the defense mechanisms go into “reactive protective” mode! Like saying, I don’t “believe in that,” or “that’s not so,” or “no way,” and any of hundreds of others. So let’s connect the dots of how it all flows together and becomes a “whole unit” of health! Maybe by looking into “what is” we can see how health is affected by everything!

Man is made alive by a “spirit” which is the “animating force” or an electrical charge or force. This force is operating at a certain strength or voltage if you will, and at a “vibrational frequency.” Too much or too little and the animating force is not working at the right level, so “dis-ease” or “unrest” at the cell level happens. If this force or electrical impulse leaves we are DEAD. If this force or electrical impulse is not optimal we are “dis-eased” or sick. Thoughts are “electrical impulses in our nervous system and can cause changes in the types or strengths of electrical flow. Good thoughts, equal good flow, bad thoughts uneven or bad and inconsistent flow. So our “thoughts good or bad” can actually cause nerve impulses which, are or can be a “stress” or dis-ease at the cell level. The spirit aspect is why medicine is not seeing and will never see the healing until this area is dealt with. There is way too much information to cover on this all here, so this will be another article.

Our physical body has certain “very specific requirements” for optimal function on a continuous basis. The certain needs or requirements are for our rebuilding, repair or maintaining our performance and functions internally and externally! We are “replaced” down to every cell in our body every sixteen months, and this allows us to make incredible positive or negative impact in our health! If a person truly wants to “make a change in their health” this is one place to start. So the physical body can literally replace or restore itself every sixteen plus months, so nothing is impossible to fix, restore, eliminate, or heal, if we are “truly willing” to make an effort early enough. This point is never even known or considered by most of the so called “health care professionals!”

The most difficult part of health is in the mental or mind aspect of humans! The spirit is the “life force,” the body is the vehicle the spirit rides around in, but the “mind” is the most “dangerous of the trio. Man is a “ego” driven individual in the extreme. Ego to me stands for Edging God Out, and I have found this to be way too true! For instance when a person has been “taught something” especially if they paid money to learn it, this learning “has to be all, and everything!” It has to be right and everything else is wrong!

When a human gets an idea that is one thing, but when a human adds emotion or perception to an experience that can become a “reality” to that individual. So emotion added to a perception equals most peoples reality, however it is not the truth or the reality at all! This is why our mind needs to be open, open to just listen carefully, open to a new way to apply something, open to a new way to see! Einstein said, “Imagination is greater than knowledge!” However most cannot even start to be open to new ways, another way, even considering a thought! Health is totally in our hands by the way we think, act, and do! Do you really want it?

For over 43 years I have seen “every condition” turned around and “so called medical experts turned on their heads,” by individuals who were open, and caring! Starting with the spirit first, all conditions are able to be healed! Starting by being a “know it all” absolutely brings continued sickness and death. An open mind with a willing spirit, is better than a “know it all ego” with a suffering or dying condition. Health requires being open, it takes your positive thoughts, backed with efforts, structured with getting “working knowledge” and you can have it! 



I believe this should be “the major point” of client consideration…
This is “why we charge a little more” because what we teach and deliver

perfomance equation

Our body is | {reserves must be ready prior to stress or stimulus Nutrition + Time = Reserves = Response = Result (end) (materials) ——- to accumulate (readied) type of positive quality and process for adequate negative quantity materials response inadequate optimalif materials and time were adequate } | {restoration starts = re-vital-ization + or –

Nutrition = Materials for maintenance, repair, and growth. When nutrition is processedin adequate amounts it makes reserves for response from stimulus, stress, and or exertion on all levels.

Time is time. Time is required to accumulate and process materials into reserves.

Rest is an abbreviated term. Rest or restoration requires reserves. Reserves facilitatemaintenance, repair, and growth.

So, for adequate or positive results from stress, stimulus, work, and or exercise there is a requirement for restoration.

So, for “re-vital-ization” to return to previous or increased levels of health or performancereserves or restoration must be present in the body “prior to” stimulus or triggering.

Note: rest or restoration is not a possibility until adequate reserves are present and available!

Simply put… reserves, equal no rest/oration or revitalization!

Observation, exercise does not build health or muscle, strength or any part of the body,

materials do. It’s your diet!

There is only one ultimate cure, it’s called prevention!

A “true” cure can only come from nutrition!

Total health can be maintained with only nutrition and time!

Exercise, if added, only decides the level of performance!

Note: Provided there is optimal balance, if not, exercise is only an added stressor.

NOTE: Because of the requirement for time to accumulate and process materials (nutrition) to make reserves many are in debt in that their body cannot adequately respond, see and or actually measure a positive result. To realize positive results reserves must be adequately or fully ready prior to the stressors, stimulus, or triggering from any source. If reserves are not adequately ready then only debt, overdraw (unhealthful) or negative effects to the system can result. Point in case is that if an individual is exercising and is not realizing (measuring) positive results then the body is in an over draw or a stressed state and is unable to adequately respond to the positive. It is imperative to realize that the internal workings create the external responses! No response, means inadequate reserves.

Note: In order for exercise to be effective it must exceed the momentary state of ability or little or no stimulus or triggering for change will take place. In order for exercise to be efficient it must be as effective as possible yet also take place in as brief of a time factor as possible. With these two factors being met, exercise can then be as effective and efficient as possible!

There is no difference between some one who is at a level of disease getting better, than an average athlete becoming better in performance. It is all human performance. Everyone has the same basic requirements, some just require more than others!

The ultimate and only true cure is prevention.

Rest is not just sleep it is actually restoration: to re-store to the original re-vital-ization – to give life – vitality is the ability to live, grow and develope

For an individual trying to “rest” it is impossible or inadequate at best without the materials(reserves) to cause restoration, to become re-vital-ized or to regain levels of performance.

So, Doctor, Coach, or Health Care Professional this asks, if what you are prescribing is restorative or masking? Is it revitalizing or merely sustaining?

Intent is the point, will you be restored or is it about this persons gain?

Is it help, care or is it mercenary and for gain? The tested results will show the answer!


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