Why we are different: 

Over 48 years ago, the computer-driven knowledge base was not readily available to most! It was “over 59 years ago” that I was driven by a health malady to find anything and everything possible for my health! Along with the drive for the knowledge for my health, came knowledge for everyone’s health that had “any malady!” In that intensive search also came knowledge for sports performance, and all this was to have “health as the base!”

After all these years of gathering knowledge, facts, varied applications, and having unmatched success, this information needs to be made available! Available at least, to those who desire to deliver accurate, factual, and healthful results! So, our “EDUCATION” section is where those who want to “make a defining, tangible difference” can refer to, for actual “working knowledge!” Our programs have the facts, applications, and experience,(working knowledge, not theory) that makes delivering proven results, a sort of “jump-start” for anyone desiring to help others!

We understand that being “credible is everything,” having used “more facts, more comprehensive applications, plus having done more forms of testing,” that “working knowledge” is essential! So we desire to assist, enable, and make available not just the information, but to also “be available” for the support!

As previously stated, we are not just for “hire,” we are about being of “Higher!”(Spiritual)

If you desire to be predictable, repeatable, sustainable, actually engineered, our tested, proven, physician endorsed programs can be learned, and supported!   (please serious inquiries only)

Dare to Compare and remember, “Our results are typical!”

NOTE: We are just now making this all available, these things have taken most of 48+ years to accumulate, so please understand this as it is a “process, not an event,” thank you!


I believe this should be “the major point” of client consideration…
This is “why we charge a little more” because what we teach and deliver

EDUCATION  (working knowledge for)

Please “realize” that our background is about a “health-driven life.”
Meaning, that with every program or service, we desire to “improve, enhance, and enable everyone,” no matter their career, to be in optimum physical performance, and having the knowledge to maintain, plus sustain that performance for the long-term! These programs and services “should all assist to self-empower a person,” to have an actual lifestyle that creates “wellness for the long term!” If this is an athlete, it means a better performing, longer athletic career!
Remember health, or human performance requires “soundness of the whole or three-part man, Spirit, Mind, and Body!” Everything we are involved in is about “our intent” to be delivered at a “HIGHER” level, not just being “Hire-d!” We desire everyone, to not only be well, but to “excel, and thrive for the long-term!” Each client represents “us,” that is why we strive to have “compliance to the best level possible,” as people “see us” through you our clients!
Note: We care enough to do what-ever is necessary, to keep the highest degree of delivered results possible, even to the point of releasing a client, until more commitment can be put forth!

Notice: – Due to our years of extensive research, trials, and errors, testing and retesting, as well as collecting information through interviews, we have a firm grip on “what and which of the particulars are,” holding back success with non-delivered results, for each of the areas below!

We will be able to not only help with the facts for delivering results, but we will also “be available to support with information, and instruction to learn to evaluate for yourself what’s required!” Making for a true professional! Not just a certified individual, but a working knowledge experienced individual, who can predict, repeat, sustain, and engineer proven results every time!

NOTE: We will not work with just everyone!
This will be a “first come, first served, basis!
We want only those who desire truly to be “the go-to service in their area !”
This knowledge will require an “intensive drive” to learn, and to impart what is needed “to be the best!” We do not believe in mass production of anything dealing in “HEALTH!”
Parts of these courses will require hands-on training, “requiring some possible travel!”
Besides, there is not enough time or effort to do anything mediocre! Our friend says it this way, “if you can’t do it right, when are you going to have the time to do it over?”

What, which, why have these things existed ?
Due to “Ignorance” and being “too lazy” to research, their has been a “lack of knowledge, a lack of “desire to be the best,” and a lot of “arrogance,” which is “contempt before investigation due to, too much Ego allowed!


Problem = Most are using archaic, myths, methods, and mistakes most of which are handed down. Learn whats wrong, and stop it!
Most are not able to actually “test” scientifically, to actually prove their methods. When results are “predicted, then tested and proven” this is HUGE motivation on team, and for individuals ! IMAGINE THIS!
Our lectures and workshops teach how to know when, why, and how to have results in each workout. Winning “the how-to” is what we deliver, for the individuals and the team! Imagine you will yes, “will know when.” your team is peaked, every time, without doubt! NOTE: Other teams using standard old methods will not be able to keep up, PERIOD!

Problem = Most are “perpetrators”(meaning suspect) meaning they paid for and got a “bought,” or “perceived ability” called, “certified,” they received no real working knowledge or applications or training sad! We empower, enable trainers to actually produce clients with results! And, IT’S TYPICAL!
Most Trainers are not able to predict and deliver measured results, or “test” scientifically to prove their methods in several ways, why not learn to be “THE TRAINER.” These methods, being fact, will enlarge possibilities in many areas for Trainers!

Problem = Most are not teaching adequate facts, or can achieve any real results, especially that are “predictable,” and cannot test for tangible proof of “positiveness,” meaning guarantee muscle and performance increases, at any level!
Learn from us how to be “the only gym in town.”
We teach efficiency, effectiveness in programs to deliver desired results for employees, clients etc.
If a gym were to have a substantial number of clients gaining “visible results,” this alone would provide a business of itself .
PROMOTIONS should come from internal sources, not buying outside ads!

No one delivers real usable(s),…until us….
We help businesses that genuinely desire to give their employee’s health a boost, a true step up, or at least a factual “step-up,” so their workforce will want to show up! Yes, they will show up on time, feeling energized enough to make the company profitable, on a consistent basis, that’s us! “We deliver!” With our lectures and workshops we teach the knowledge, that “sticks to top of mind,” for self-health care, and how to deliver it, as well as designing or rearranging the facilities. Employee’s will feel valued, motivated, empowered and cared for!