Buying Time

Buying TIME, …it can be done…

STOP, Open your mind, be quiet, and seriously read and LISTEN!

Over 43 years I have been working with people and the results speak for themselves. Life can be bettered, extended, and improved, with your diet if your diet has and applies the right facts!

First let me say, it is not me who gets the results, “It Is The Person!” Because of the person using “facts only,” the positive measured, proven results the person got, was because “that person” was doing, “what the body required!”

If “facts” are used or applied in the same manner, facts will always give the same exact results!

FACT: Each person greatly influences or determines their own health, by their own choices, each meal, and each day!

Changing your health or state of function or performance, is directly related to “input,” or intake, or nutrition! Add exercise, now the requirements change even more! All things in a person’s life add together, to cause benefit or stress! Stress takes a toll, and maintenance must be optimal for maintaining health or performance! Knowing what, and how much of what is required to maintain the body!

Knowing how to change intake, or nutrition to help the responses of the body can make more, better, or even faster, results! How well the body can “respond to everyday stress is directly related to what the body has to respond with!

Aging is not just “aging,” what most think of or see aging as is time going by! What is perceived as aging or lessened performance is actually, lack of maintenance. Failure to “adequately” supply the body with what it needs causes lack of rebuilding, repair or maintenance! This “lack” causes less ability for performance, which is less vitality, which can affect health, which is physical performance!

So diet, or intake, or nutrition is the make up, the “materials” which cause how well the body performs and or repairs, or rebuilds!

Simply the longer a person wants better performance, the better the materials should be, that make up our diet! Better input is the major factor of response, repair, and rebuilding! So to get the body to run better and “run longer” nutrition is key!

So you can “buy time” by buying better nutrition, which will afford the body to perform more effectively, and more efficiently, which will extend longevity! (buying time)

Note: Just going out and buying better food is not all of the answer! A person needs to know how to eat, what to eat, when and when not to “combine” certain foods! What supplements, why, and how to implement then, etc., etc. are all factors also!

For an awaking of what is effective in extending life…listen to the following….