Reducing, or Eliminating Illness, Sickness – How….

Reducing or Eliminating Illness, Sickness, – How it is done … choices!

Imagine, our bodies cells are “replaced” (literally all, made brand new), every sixteen plus months, so our “POTENTIAL” or the “POSSIBILITY” to be “WELL” or “HEALTHY” is actually a reality and very simple. Due to of our ability to change the quality and quantity of input that makes us up physically, we have the ability (choices) to make great changes in our physical health, and thereby have huge impact on reducing or eliminating illness or disease!

First, find the needed information or knowledge, study to understand the requirements, know the proper applications, and add to these, consistency! So, make the decision to be dedicated and or make the commitment to – GET the following –

Knowledge / Facts
What to Remove, eliminate
Requirements / nutrition
What, why, how much of
Applications / sequencing
When, why, etc.
Consistency / commitment
Time needed to maintain end results

Adding up to    –    “A gained protocol for life”     –    “Gained positive results”

Once a true understanding with added experience about =
“what to do”
“why to do it”
“when to do it”
then seeing, measuring, and realizing good results, motivation is easily sustained!

This most important “ability” through knowledge, application, and experience to constantly influence our health comes, when a “value” (understanding of results) is attached or gained, in our “core value system,!”  When this takes place, we have a true “lifestyle” (desire to) programing within us. Now, “being healthy” is, can, and will be a part of us, or a “part” of who we are!

So, health, it is not about “after you get” the illness or sickness or disease, “it is about before,” the preventive measures, or being proactive. It is not genetics, it is about choices! (learn about genetics/nutrition impacts) 

People’s continued “in-actions” are still actions, or decisions. These in-actions are decisions to stay doing the negative things, more than positive, it is a choice!

When these delayed decisions or actions, have been continued or prolonged enough, they then can develop a “dis-ease,” or a major unrest, at the cellular level! When this progression of the disease starts or becomes painful enough,causing a irritating symptom, most will then decide they want to make a change!  These “irritating symptoms” may be a pain, even excessive pain, or inflammation, yet even then, many will not do anything more than the absolute minimum!

Simple observation will reveal, that most people like doing, and will continue doing what is easy, convenient, and comfortable!

Most do not want to, “put out any extra effort,” not even to research, learn or acquire new or more information, let alone have to take an action, especially if it involves changing their comfort zones.

The bad news is, it is either do more of what the body dictates or it’s requirements, or pay the price of a non-maintained body, that will continue to breakdown, in the form of illness, sickness or “dis-ease.”

So “the up side of  learning the requirements and taking action is, less aging or wearing out, less disease, less pain and less suffering.” Oh and yes, and the up side of being around to enjoy our loved ones. Remember one of our favorite quotes, “it is not the road in life that is rough, it is the condition of the vehicle traveling the road!”

Thought, Quote; Everything we eat, either does something “to us,” or something “for us,” so choose!  – Bert Seelman

Sickness, illness, disease are not just caused by, physical lack or overuse, but often by bad spiritual choices, bad or selfish emotions, and bad thoughts! These choices of negative or bad, selfish emotions and or thoughts, are ALL “electrical charges,” of greater or lesser charge, sent through our bodies, in or as nerve responses or impulses! (our electrical system)  These electrical charges cause imbalance or un-rest or dis-ease at the cellular level! Remember we are after all, a physical or chemical(nutrients) and spiritual (electrical) being!


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