Going To The Gym…….the truth

GOING TO THE GYM…the truth

Going to the gym, can be, but usually is not about, health!


Going to the gym is about making changes in ones physicality! Making a difference about you performance levels in reality!


Going to the gym is NOT ABOUT HEALTH, it is about EGO


Read on, as you will see, the cart is already ahead of the horse (jackass) in most all cases!


Yes it is about how “you think you are going to change your body,” and 99.9% of the time these individuals have not the faintest clues about how to get or predict results, let alone do most have any real facts! …. Oh, I’ll take bets on it also, cash only, please!


Most individuals do not consider, what they are made of, the amounts they are made of, or the actual needs to even maintain their physical being!


Please, go back, and slowly reread the above statement!


People do not even have the very slightest understanding of the physical requirements, yet they will most all tell you or anyone, oh I know how to eat healthy!


The statements that people make regarding their health, and their physical status is beyond laughable, beyond humorous, beyond any type of realism! People say they “know how to eat healthy” and their waistline looks like a hula-hoop if lucky! If people are listening to their body, then they need an interpreter, because its self-evident they don’t know the language!


People are always changing exercise programs, searching for results, a better method, and a faster way for results! The problem is only a small part in the exercise; the real problem is in the mirror!


People do not see that they need the knowledge for results, the how, what, and why results happen! It is the materials or intake or food and diet that is the material that makes the building of tissues, the repair, the restoration, not the stress or stimulus of exercise! Exercise is just the triggering of the body to respond.


Time in between exercise sessions, to accumulate adequate amounts of nutrients, process these nutrients, and ready the response mechanisms, is what is required for more or faster results!


I have been watching this running of the Lemmings off the fitness cliff, for over 43 years! So invest in results, for any program by having this book to gain the results that you desire! I wrote this book because my clients pleaded for a guide for their relatives and friends! I have more directions in this book for gaining results, than any other single book out there!


Think this article over, and then get my book, “The Great Fitness Fraud,” three hundred million victims and one program for your defense! Learn how to put health into your fitness plan!

©copyright Bert Seelman 2017


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