Addiction, the obvious at a glance

Addiction…….the obvious at a glance!

People are a three part being, Spirit, body and mind. The spirit is given at the moment the sperm enters the egg (conception).  After the Spirit is given, then the body starts to form, and then the brain. So it is Spirit, then body, then the brain!

Our Spirit is the seat, of our heart of hearts (deep emotions)! Our brain registers what it “perceives” as what we supposedly know and experience. However, we all know that “the truth is to most a perception.” The body is left to get nourished by whatever our mind has justified and usually found to be quick, fast, easy, and most “desired.” When our body should be fed “what is required” for healthful repair and length of life!

So we receive some “thing” (verbalization, action, or wounding) that causes us a severe discomfort, and “wounds” us (a hurt) in our Spirit. The mind then wants, or tries to “protect” us from “feeling that hurt” and then points us to use or do something to avoid the concentration on that “bad feeling,” an avoidance. We then “cover that bad feeling up by using or finding a substance, food, action, etc. that gives us a better or different “SENSATION!”

Most in trying to avoid feeling that bad or hurt feeling will do way more of anything what makes us feel good, and do it right now if possible. We also then take, or consume this thing that makes us feel better to the point, that we get so ”imbalanced” that we find ourselves habituated or “addicted.” We have become addicts and thus we have an “addiction!”

Most addictions are about the “hurt,” not the substance, action, or avoidance seen or used. The “substance” or action is the symptom!

Because we have taken the road of “wanting to avoid,” rather than deal with the feeling, we have gotten more and more imbalanced! When this happens, the imbalance is getting us to a place of actual physical sickness.

Then only logical thing to do is to first start by providing physical balance! We do this by giving the body the things (nutrients) which it “requires” to be healthful and head toward balance.

By starting on a regiment of “required nutrients” (diet, food, supplements) a balance can start to take place.

By slowing, or stopping the input of what is bad, we are not effectively or totally neutralizing the imbalance. The input or intake of missing positive requirements up to this point is critical to swing or bring a faster recovery of true balance!

Treatment must begin in getting the body chemically balanced at the deep level, so that the mind is not concentrating on the “cravings” of the usual negative input (substance) that was part of the cause.  Then and only then can the mind become somewhat more focused on eliminating or reducing the hurt in the spirit.

 It is almost impossible to “hear” counseling, if the body is raging with feelings (Jones-ing) inside from the still remaining imbalances! The adding of “required materials or nutrients” should be the very first considerations that can bring about a more stable or balanced feeling within the person!

Counseling in and of itself cannot be nearly as effective, if the person is raging on the inside with actual physical imbalances. When the body is chemically (nutrient) balanced counseling will then be much more effective! After all the body works and functions on nutrition.

This reasoning is from this point: the problem starts in the spirit and the mind justifies, and covers the feeling, which can, and does often end up killing the body.  If the body was given a chance to get to a point of balance, then the mind can function better to allow the spirit to get healed! This approach has shown to have tremendous positive impact on the long-term success, and in a totally positive manner!

This approach has shown to be extremely fast and effective with all types of addictions.

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