Your Doctor – What is He Really Doing…REALLY?


And what is your Doctor doing , REALLY?

So there is this person we all call the DOCTOR!

Ever really dare to ask yourself on a deep level, what is he really, truly doing for me, or to me? I’ll bet you have not!

Every time someone feels any physical discomfort, they run to this DOCTOR for relief! Notice I did not say “help” I said “relief!”

The DOCTORS immediate and fall back position is “A PILL,” a pharmaceutical drug, a fast masking agent, to give immediate betterment or “RELIEF” of those bad or unwanted “physical feelings!”   NOTE: Most of these problems were originated by participating in the “desires of wants” (unhealthy foods, drink, etc.) rather than needs or requirements for our self-maintenance and health.

No matter how you want to see it, the DOCTOR, and that pill or pharmaceutical, is masking, covering, temporarily relieving, slowing or stopping the “discomfort” being experienced!

It is not creating a better condition; it is only covering, masking the current problem or irritation!

Now this DOCTOR gave you relief, he sold you a drug. So the original basic problem is not addressed, only the immediate “relief of irritation” is handled!

Isn’t this the same case as a person not liking what they are feeling in life, when taking any other type of drug found in street drugs? Just getting some immediate relief, of an irritating feeling or pain, mental or physical was the goal? Really, ask yourself honestly!

Now this DOCTOR, cannot get you in shape physically, like guarantee you to lose fat, gain muscle or stamina, he cannot tell you how to eat “exactly” to help and continue fat loss, and guarantee only fat lost, and prove it by body composition test!

This DOCTOR cannot tell you how to build your health up with vitamins, (that are also found in foods), minerals, foods, or herbs! So “HOW MUCH” does he know the body?

This DOCTOR cannot tell you or explain to you, “how to do your exercises exactly, in amounts, or types, or how much, or how little and guarantee you measurable, predictable results!” So this DOCTOR, “CANNOT EVEN GUARANTEE HOW TO IMPROVE” your physical level of performance! THINK ABOUT THIS…

So now remember this DOCTOR cannot even start to get you in shape, but people falsely believe he knows about health….he cannot build it, improve it, so how can he accurately know what you really need?  WHO’S STUPID going to this person?

Think about letting this person tell you “you need something taken out of your body, let alone know how to remove it?

This DOCTOR almost never asks, what your diet has been for the last weeks. He almost never asks about bowel movements, or advises how to improve your intake. This DOCTOR doesn’t know your “in-put, or your out-put” so how can he know what actually has gone on or what was missing? (they do not learn any depth of nutrition)

So this DOCTOR is prescribing, selling, handing out Pharmaceutical drugs, for “RELIEF”, ISN’T THAT DRUG DEALING?  But, this dealer has GOVERNMENT PERMISSION!

Remember the guy on the street buying drugs, gets a better, lower price, knows what he is getting more often, than the DOCTORS patient, with LESS SIDE EFFECTS, this is a  FACT!


The DOCTOR cannot, does not, will not…guarantee the following….

  • What to eat to lose only fat, not muscle and test the results….
  • What to eat to guarantee your restoring health…
  • What to eat to heal faster…
  • What to eat and what amounts to balance diabetics blood sugar improvements…
  • What to eat to balance out you cholesterol levels….
  • How much cardio exercise to strengthen your heart…
  • How much total exercise to get enough results without over doing….
  • How to get blood pressure improvements with foods, and without using drugs…
  • How to stop excess stomach acid, by adjusting your diet, without using drugs…
  • How to get better sleep without drugs, using only diet and or natural vitamins…

So who are you going to trust, who are you going to trust your future to…. it is your LIFE!

So this is the point, fact, reality, DOCTORS DO NOT KNOW HEALTH! They know disease management! (and most of management by physicians is control drug addiction, FACT!

It is best to start learning about your own health, self-maintenance, and make sure there is lots of proof of actual experiences of the information you are learning!


Always demand proof of a persons actual work, proof long term through others that have utilized these persons abilities! Anyone can go to school, but life experiences, with sound facts, and loads of proof, are the tell tale truth!