Why Would You Do That

Or, How to know who’s insecure or lazy.

 We all know or have all heard the “gym talk,” of “leg day,” “chest day,” “arm day,” when it should be “brain day,” or possibly “reality day,” or even a real physiological “fact day!” 

 But you can’t have a “brain day,” when there is so much insecurity! Yes, uncertainty, possible guilt, yes from knowing that the workout one just performed, was a workout, but the “work” part truly, honestly wasn’t as much “real work,” as one could have gone much more intense, much harder! After all, it is or was called a “workout,” not a “fun-out,” or an “easy-out” now was it?

 Read on but “warning,” first, the further reading may cause many to go on a “guilt trip,” have badly “bruised Ego’s,” and possibly, find actual reason to change!

 So be ready to put on your thinking cap, please!

 Now please keep this in the front of your thinking, that what I am writing here is all physiologically fact-backed and has tremendous amounts of proof! Strength or resistance training is performed with multiple sets (meaning more than two sets) is “counter-productive” and is abusive(causing the recovery and response mechanisms to overwork)! The applications that the vast majority of most trainers, coaches, and workout enthusiasts do, is done out of “acceptance,” not appearing different, and is an ignorant, and or arrogant “unlearned, all too common practice!”  (usually performed to look or appear as the other sheep, proving too insecure to look different)

 Fact: A muscle to increase strength, requires having performed from four to twelve repetitions, during a period of forty to seventy seconds! During this performance of repetitions, the lengthening of the repetitions should be performed more slowly(twice as slow as the contracting) than the shortening. 

 Concentration, “with as much effort as possible,” should be used to move throughout the “full range of movement,” with a concentration (or very brief) pause at full contraction. This should be utilized before lowering or lengthening! 

 Speed should not be ballistic containing any kinetic energy! The movements should be of lifting, not throwing! An actual static type of movement that would feel as though a rubber band had tension on the movement!

 Note: Once “a strongly exerted effort” is made with between four and twelve repetitions, and yet a full contraction cannot be completed wholly or entirely performed, one or two more additional attempts should be executed! This point of being unable to perform these repetitions is called “momentary muscular failure.” This is the point of “stimulus for a response!” This is “the point” needed or required to be too taken to for increased strength! 

Once a muscle has been pushed to this point of “stimulus or momentary failure,” any further work or stimulus is unwarranted, or is “not necessary or required!” Performing “more stimulus or sets, is only “excess stress” and is “counter-productive” causing fewer results! Remember the recovery system is what causes growth, strength, or repair, not more triggering or stimulus, which is stressing the muscle to respond!

 The person who goes to the gym and does multiple sets (meaning more than 2) is being “insecure and lacks confidence,” in their efforts and, “feels” or knows they, “did not push themselves” hard enough to cause the muscle to be “stimulated or triggered to change (get stronger)! 

 However, be sure most of these “overdoer’s” will use their insecurity through their “ego’s,” and use any number of various empathetic reasons, to try to justify those “extra sets!”

 The reason multiple sets got started was due to people knowing they “did not work hard enough,” so they are trying to make up for that ”lack of effort,” by doing more! 

 Which is still factually physiologically wrong!

 The effort, or “a hard work”(a workout) is the key to making or triggering a muscle to change! Not the “amount of work,” but the “intensity” of work is the determining factor!

 POINT: It is called a “WORKOUT,” not a “fun out,” neither is it a “I’ll try out!”……the truth is the truth…..

 Note: That after an exercise has been pushed properly, any, yes any additional sets are using up valuable recovery from the body, actually slowing progress!

 So, last but not least, if, yes, “IF” multiple sets indeed were the fact-based answer, why doesn’t Mr. Ego do sets non-stop for all day, if their method works?

 Split routines are another significant proof of “insecurity, insanity, the justification to try and prevent a wounded ego!” 

 A muscle or muscles are triggered for changes by the intensity of work! The momentary existing state of ability must be challenged, pushed to the point that causes change! Durational work or “moderately hard efforts” do not always call into play as many muscle fibers as does “intensity” of effort!

 So many who go to the gym and want to “talk about how long they work out, are now “seen” after knowing these facts! You can either work out “hard” or intensely, or you can work out longer with less intensity, taking more time to do the same work! 

 Simply put, if a person works out hard or intensely, they cannot work out longer! 

 It is evident that the harder or more intensely a person works out, the less time they can work out! Intensity means more effort, which makes it harder to continue with higher energy or pace!

 These excuses being used by these types of “egotist” are, that they put out such effort, all because of “more time” in the gym(no not so)! So, due to so much time required, they have to break up or slit the routines, to be able to get all the work done! What’s obvious is anyone can know that more effort divides the amount of time being spent “if real efforts are used! 

 People want to be “seen as” stronger, more drive, more committed, which when understood is “hilarious,” and “the egg on their faces are seen by those who are knowledgeable!”

 Now, another point about the so-called “split routines!” 

 Now understand that the fact is, that after the body is triggered or stimulated for change (worked out), it takes a minimum of 48 hours to repair, or heal, and restore response mechanisms of the body! Yes, 48 hours minimum! Now if an intelligent person notices, the body has a one-unit construction! Meaning we have one set of organs to breath, pump blood, hydrate, clot blood, digest food, etc., ONE set of organs that process and respond for EVERYTHING!

 So, seeing it takes a minimum of 48 hours to respond, the simple fact and observation are if we work out hard one day, the body needs two days or 48 hours to “rebuild the response mechanisms!”

 Now notice how many individuals have “their ego” take over here, because many are supposedly “smarter” than the body and are going to “push their ideas as if fact!” The “idea,” and it’s “totally just an idea” of using a “split routine,” meaning that they are going to split the working of the body up into working JUST upper body one day, and the lower body the next day!(note the fact of rebuilding the response mechanism is totally disregarded) But hey, it’s their ego, that counts!

 Here’s the absolute laughable, insanity, actual arrogance, and ego-driven stupidity!

 First, it takes 48 hours to repair and rebuild response mechanisms! 

 Next, do these “EGO maniacs,” actually believe they “can dictate” out of their “beliefs,” desires and insecurity how the body is to respond to how they wish or dream? 

 Meaning, if they work just their legs today, does that mean they are going to “feed their legs today, sleep their legs today, etc.,? I have to say that this is way, way, beyond delusional!

 Ignorance is a lack of information. Arrogance is contempt before investigation! It seems obvious here that egos are so frail and must be protected at any cost! Those who use these methods are far, far less than professional!

 The most apparent fundamental consideration shows the body is “fed” as a whole unit, it is “oxygenated” as an entire unit, it is “hydrated” as a whole unit, and it “sleeps” as a whole unit! These “egotists” (insecure, non-reasoning imbeciles, “and this is being kind”) are so arrogant and of such literal insanity, that they are going about as if they have some “special ability” to demand how the body should work! REMEMBER people, “arrogance is contempt, before the investigation,” and these individuals are way, way, overloaded with arrogance! Plus, it is more than obvious these have no, literally no investigation of any depth into “how” the body works!

Think, observe, these “ego types” almost always get slow results, or results that are not noticeable, they usually are on diets, that make no real sense of balance, and talk, talk, talk about their going to the gym because that’s their identity! Like talking about “it’s leg day,” or it’s “chest day,” or it’s this or that day when in reality they are showing it should be “brain day if they only had one,” or at least “get some sense day!”

 Please, realize that I have been guaranteeing measurable results, for all levels of athletes and with healing for sick persons for over 40+ years! Realize there is no difference in helping an athlete to move up in performance, and then in helping an infected person to get well, it’s all human physical performance! We are talking measurable, tested, repeatable results! Oh yes, the insecure, egotistical, gym types have talked, talked, and talked, but not one, no not even one has been willing to put up a large wager, to take the challenge of what works, and who can prove it!

 Before anyone allows anyone to “help them,” check their clients, for consistency of results, with old, young, sick, healthy, athletes, ages, etc.

 Note: This is about your health, your life forces, your future!

 We all would like results for our time at the gym, but the reality is, most are getting nowhere, no changes that are verified, measurable, testable, no consistency, nothing! Why, because no one checks out the facts, the right applications, neither does anyone even want to put any real effort into the research, even if, it’s only reading!

 Want to spend way less time, actually measure, test, prove, and photograph results? 

 Want to learn for a lifetime? 

 Do you have the guts to be “different?” 

 Do you commit to doing something different? 

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