Why Diet, Fitness, Sports Programs Fail

Why programs fail with continued results, and long term answers!

Fat loss, fitness, exercise, health, sports performance, long term, …….there is an answer!

The list of weight loss programs is endless!

Better said, is that the list of “failed or failing” weight loss programs is “more” than endless!

Why….. Because people actually beg for being taken! Yes, it is true, way true, want proof?

Here it is! Individuals want fast, cheap, easy, and what is fun, nice, simple, non effort type cures, not work, costly, and most of all not inconvenient!

People usually later, than sooner, come to a point when all at once it hits them!

How does it hit them, it’s that running out of sizes in the closet, or that look in the mirror or the doctor saying “we have a serious problem.” Then, it is a HUGE AWAKENING! That is the so called “breaking point!”

What do they do mostly….., obviously they freak, DUE TO EMOTIONS, and go “BLINDLY” in search for, look, listen, and remember EVERY THING that has crossed their recent past, about getting weight off or down!

Here is the problem and the most important point!

They DO NOT STOP TO THINK, they DO NOT STOP OR USE LOGIC, thought or reason! THEY USE A KNEE JERK EMOTIONAL REACTION TO DECIDE for any IMMEDIATE cure, help, chance or solution!

This emotional non-logical, non-fact based deciding gets all the attention and is as most know, a program of quick or fast promises! Facts, true working applications, sound ways are out the window to that emotional buy in!

All they can think is, I want the fat gone NOW, I want the weight down NOW! And they mean right now!

Weight loss when done through proven, tested, fact based programs may take a bit of time, not a whole lot, but just some time! Fat did not accumulate over night and it will take some work, time, and effort to get it off. It was a process, not an event!

The major reason individuals do not have success, either short term or long term, is due to THE FACT THAT THEY DO NOT AND WILL NOT TAKE A SANE FACTUAL ENGINEERED APPROACH FOR A TRUE LIFESTYLE CHANGE, so the loss can be maintained!

Knowledge by most standard thinking would be key, however it is not…NOT!

WORKING KNOWLEDGE, FACTUAL, ACCURATE, PROPERLY APPLIED KNOWLEDGE or “working knowledge” is what is needed, with proper application, that is the winner’s edge!

So intellectual, factual, properly applied knowledge, with experience is what works long term, because this creates a “value judgment change” in the “core belief system” which is a true lifestyle foundation!

The “nice” trainer is not the ticket, the diet that “tastes good” is not the answer, the convenient gym is not “the place.”

The answer is, where the results are proof! Get it?

Real long term answers are in fact based Engineered programs, that are tested, proven!


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