Definition of Wellness for the Whole Man.

Wellness, for the Whole or Three-Part Man, “Spirit, Mind, Body”

Wellness is defined as “an actively sought” lifestyle of “health!”

The definition of what wellness is, and “clearly shows” that for wellness to maintain health, efforts are required, always! “Actively sought” = constant efforts! A maintaining of shows checking on, caring, desiring, enjoying, enhancing, etc.

This effort is defined as – a constant exertion of power, a serious attempt, something produced by exertion! In simple terms, exertion means work, not resting, checking, looking at, seeking, etc.

Effort is where a man can falter the quickest! Most of humanity prefers to be in a constant state of desiring what I call the three “C’s.” Those “C’s” being Cheap, Convenience, and Comfort, a man by nature desires having things easy!

Man, being a “Spirit, Mind, and Body” (a three-part being) then obviously his whole being “must receive adequate amounts” of all the positives, for “each part” of his being, to “maintain health!” Meaning there are “required varied things” that feed, nourish, build-up, maintain health or wellness in man!
Just as there are Negatives, that will detract, impede, reduce, stress, etc, causing health to diminish!.

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I believe this should be “the major point” of client consideration…
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Our physical life’s potential is maximized or minimized by the availability of materials or nutrients at times needed to restore or rebuild the body. If these “requirements” are not met, then our body begins to “degenerate,” age, or breakdown and health or “vitality” is diminished (lost)!

“Dis/ease” is unrest at the cellular level and unrest is short for “unrestored” or no “restoration”!

Some nutrients affect how much to “turn on” or “off “the actions of specific gene’s.* This action of genes can permanently alter the development, long term health, and performance of the life lived.

Without adequate nutrients, the full potential of growth, development, and or the health of an individual can be left much less than can be attained. This shows that there is the ability, to have or take some control of one’s health and yet is usually not considered. People can change their health and longevity at many stages throughout life if desired! 

Nutrients are the materials our bodies are made of so health, performance, and length of life are totally dependant on re-growth, or restoration by an adequate supply of these materials. The quality of one’s life should be considered concerning “what” we try to restore it with. Will it be with the prescribed chemicals of modern medicine, or nutrients with true “restorative abilities”? Will it be masking of the symptoms or the use of nutrients that rebuild and restore? The choice decides the result!

NOTE: Our physical body is almost entirely replaced down to the last cell every sixteen to eighteen months. This makes us “recyclable,” or if you wish, our body is a “renewable resource.” The earlier on in our life, we take control of our “restoration” the more significant the possibilities or potential!

Think about these words:

Rest-oration – does this take place at night when you sleep or “rest”? (Without adequate nutrients, it’s impossible)

Re- vital-ization…do you wake up restored with more “life”?

Health – did your body heal from the previous “stressors”?

Does your health care “professional” use truly “restorative and rebuilding “ nutrients to re-grow and revitalize your body or are they masking the symptom so soon you will need more masking instead of true “healing”?    


PRE-CONCEPTION – PRE- a time of formative beginnings for sperm or egg….. the real beginning for building “potential.”            

CONCEPTION – the start …formative potential possibilities are at the high however most do not consider the effects of nutrients as preventive therapy for real enhancement of potential

BIRTH – birth to about one year; potential somewhat diminished but still relatively high as most mothers don’t even realize they are pregnant until after four weeks minimum

FORMATIVE – age 1 to about teens…….child dietary considerations are most often limited here and long-term potential greatly effected or limited during this time

DEVELOPMENTAL – early teens to about the mid to late ’20s……development is now limited and has in many cases been damaged during this last “growth” stage               

MATURATION  – dietary considerations usually set and remain mostly constant….health problems start to manifest, and efforts are not generally toward preventive but more toward common medical remedies

MAINTENANCE – as SENIORS most are starting to feel and see faster “aging process’s” and seek more standard medical advice and seek less preventive or restorative help so the “wearing out” effects set in         

DEATH – usually death is way premature due to lack of awareness of possibilities afforded by having needed nutrients as maintenance let alone for preventative measures.

* See New York Times article October 7, 2003, A Mothers Diet Can Turn Genes Around

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