Weight Loss

Weight Loss / Fat Loss – “Loss” of fat only, that’s the desired goal, not just loss!

Loss– means Destruction : the state of being destroyed

NOTE:Important non-considered fact,programs should not be “weight loss,” it needs to be “FAT LOSS!” Many programs just look for loss in weight, YET if the program in question is not accurately tested by N.I.R. body composition or water weighing, the loss could be lean body mass or muscle! This loss in leancan slow the metabolism slowing progress!

Fat loss whendone correctly, has no hunger, no cravings, and yet still improves health and physical performance which is essential for the competitive athlete!It is possible with adequate facts and correct applications to gain lean muscle while losing only fat! Our programs test and prove all results, as well as teaching for a lifetime of success.

All our programs including fat loss are “Diabetic safe!” Most clients can have an expectation of losing about a pant or dress size every two, to three weeks, when directions are followed! Due to our fast, consistent gains of lean muscle, fat is in turn reduced faster, due to metabolism increases from the lean gains, which require maintenance!

Lose it once, lose it right, and you can lose it for life!