Vitamin and Mineral Specifics

Vitamin, mineral, basic specifics

Note: The following are the basic items of many of our programs! We take into consideration many variables and standards for our clients benefits, both physically and financially!

Think about this,- if our clients do well and they get the best bang for the dollar, then they can get more of things they could benefit from! This benefits both of us!

Our belief is – we believe in the expensive urine principle, better more, and urinate some out, than not enough!


Neutralizers –
Trying to get better more complete or adequate nutrition through diet in today’s world is a slim to impossible job, without supplementation!
Before putting good sources of nutrients into our bodies, we should consider things that are going to neutralize or stop absorption, as well as items that destroy what good could be provided. Obvious things, such as carbonation, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, dairy products, canola oil, and more are going to cause little or no results to be gained if continued on a frequent basis.

NOTE: everything we eat, EVERYTHING either does something to us, or for us!


Use purified water “not distilled”
No mineral water, PH adjusted water or carbonated, JUST PURIFIED, even a simple pitcher with the BRITA filter is fine. Remember, without adequate hydration energy is diminished and the body lacks for performance on many levels. Water is an additional supply of oxygen to the cells!

Unpasteurized apple cider vinegar RAW- BRAGG’S – brand, – 2 teaspoons to 1 tablespoon
in 3-4 oz of water first thing in the A.M.   Be sure to shake vinegar well and do not refrigerate
This may be done just prior to dinner or use vinegar on dinner foods

Taking supplements – effectively-
Supplements can either upset the stomach or fail in giving optimum results if not taken effectively.
Best and positive results, have been attained by doing the following.
Eat one to two bites of the complete protein of the meal, then take supplements with as little water as possible. Then eat more protein and consume the rest of the meal on top of the supplements. Doing this any other way, is to create the potential for problems with digestion and absorption.

Minerals should be inclusive of all minerals along with trace minerals.
Minerals from ancient sea beds are of superior quality in most cases.
Natures Life brand mega minerals are one of these better brands, tablets or capsules however capsules need to be doubled to equal tablets.
Clients have found that at least double the suggested dosage is minimal to receive better effects.
So breakfast, lunch, dinner,and prebed. NOTE: minerals should be considered the “most important” item of food or supplements as they are utilized with every singular cellular transference in the body. The minerals are the very most important item after oxygen, and water. Our bodies are made of 5% minerals and only .05% vitamins.

Many people make the mistake of looking for potency rather than absorption and completeness.
Clients have found that a multivitamin that is less potent yet more complete, taken several times per day gives much better constant nourishment on a steady basis. It is like taking a medication several times per day, to keep blood levels of desired ingredients steadily supplying the body.

Icelandic kelp
Clients have found that iodine from kelp helps thyroid issues, which are rampant globally. Kelp can stimulate the thyroid and is an excellent backup of trace minerals. Kelp can be adjusted to great degrees as it is a low dose way of utilizing iodine with a balance of the trace elements. Many clients take up to 3 several times per day on a steady bases!

Vitamin B Complex-W/ high folic acid
B complex supplements should contain at least 50 mg of each B.
However folic acid should be at least 800 mcg. Many individuals will double this dose, then receive 1600 mcg of folic acid which my clients have found favorable. There are some complexes that are B 100 yet even though saying hi folic only still contain only 800 mcg of folic. Beware!

Vitamin C  complex
There area many vitamin C combinations out there, beware!
Vitamin C needs bioflavonoids, rutin, and other components for optimum effect. Most vitamin C complexes do not come with equal parts bioflavonoids(a very positive combination)! Definitely get equal parts, yes they can be gotten, take care and make sure to get this type.

Vitamin E w/ mixed tocopherols
Vitamin should be started out with a fairly low dose then built up.  Some start with 200 IU or 400 IU and build up to as much as 1000 IU daily. Usually this is taken in one dose and in the breakfast vitamin dose. Many in fact, most, of my clients take this dose.

EFA’s   or essential fatty acids or omega three’s (mixed fish oils) both advised)
The omega three oils are found in DIFFERANT doses. My clients took around 1300 mg three times per day. There are many manufacturers so be careful to buy quality however don’t go overboard on price. Nature’s life, Nordic Naturals, Carlson’s, are decent products and UDO’s is an excellent brand.

Beta-carotene is a form of vitamin A that is utilized better (safer) than fish liver oil. It is important in immune support, and anti aging processes as well as skin health. The addition of 25,000 IU has been used by my clients for many positive effects.

B 6   – 50 to 100 mg
B 6 is the most utilized vitamin in combination with other vitamins more than any other. B6 is essential in protein absorption, fluid balance, nerve health, and is the anti tumor vitamin just to mention a few uses.
Client s have added 50 – 100 mg up to three times per day.

Potassium 99 mg.
Potassium is one of the most common minerals in the body. It is essential in how the body utilizes the electrical current that animates our physical structure. Excess sodium in today’s diet is a good reason to add a dose of potassium to help balance our levels of sodium to potassium.

Swedish Bitters
Swedish bitters is a specific blend of herbs, This maybe used for many differing use’s such as food poisoning, cuts, strep throat, infections, internal and external, burns, cleansing, healing, wound cleansing, scar removal, and much, much, more! Nature Works or Pro-Natura!

Triple potency liver tabs
Healthy n Fit, brand, these are used for supplementing protein when specified, and for building blood!
Pure Egg Protein
Healthy N Fit, brand or Jay Robb, brand PURE EGG ONLY! This is this best source for a protein supplement as opposed to using whey! Pure egg digests and is utilized up to 30+% more than whey!

Note: we reserve the right to upgrade, change or modify as we see best! There will be other suggestions in the future!

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