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REDUCING MEDICATIONS -the how it is possible

Reducing prescription medications or pharmaceutical drugs, the how to, the what is possible, the why, and, the misunderstanding of what is a cure or healing!  To reduce drugs or pharmaceuticals is very possible each and every time, what this can mean, what is the difference is, is explained here!

Most individuals never understand medications, there is a huge lie and misunderstanding about the difference between true health and disease management! Modern medicine is “set up” to use medications, that cause a masking of symptoms, so individuals believe when the irritating symptom is “relieved” that they are healed, not so! Doctors are not taught nutrition on a health increasing level! Doctor do not know how to properly prevent disease so how can they think they can know how to heal?

When the body is put into a chemical or nutrient positive balance it can function normally or as designed!

Bert Seelman talks about the possibilities that to reduce or even being able to totally eliminate all pharmaceuticals  has become reality, to many individuals who have found out how this can be done !

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