Results – What Can Be Expected, What’s Possible?

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THIS VIDEO is the summation or realities of results, what can and actually does happen when facts, applications, and true engineering “come together” in the health and fitness field!
For over 43 years Bert Seelman has worked at understanding what has been missing in health and physical performance! Bert saw that “hope” was the first missing item on individuals list for attaining results for health, fat loss, fitness, and especially the medical field! Why hope was missing was that individuals allowed their limited beliefs to “take over” if and when anyone said, “this is not possible, or that cannot be helped!”
Bert knew that with the right understanding of workings of nutrition, physiology, and patterns most things were at least possible!
With using what the body and it’s systems dictate or require simply putting the needed pieces together in the right sequence could be all the difference to working possibilities!
By seeing exercise as a stress, a triggering, and then pre-planning the responses by having “on board” the required nutrients to be already processed the body could respond better or more fully!dumbell
This pre-planning, pre- engineering the body was able to respond better. This lead to greater ,better, more full responses to facilitate faster recovery equaling more and greater results. This is why Bert has developed programs of uneqauled results in minimal time without fail for health or sports performance!

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