Video 54 – Skin Problems, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Relief

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Skin problems of Psoriasis, eczema and more..

Skin problems of psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis, how you can heal, cure, or actually get fast relief, with simple, easy, natural methods! Imagine relief, without drugs or pharmaceutical medications using only natural diet, supplements, and or nutrition! Knowing that a person grows a new stomach lining every four days, a new layer of skin every twenty eight days, and all cells are replaced about every sixteen months! This rapid exchange provides for a huge change in physical conditions simply by changing our diet or nutrition! Soaps, lotions and cremes have very little to do with actually healing skin conditions as they do not start on the inside to help with the formation of the new layers of skin! Many even most lotions do more to harm than cure as they are not as natural as advertised and are more of a problem! Most individuals never consider nutrition to help skin problem when this should be the focus point!

Most people do not know, that most skin conditions are or can be totally healed through simple nutritional programs, with natural foods and supplements! People are pre-programed with psoriasis and most other problems to go to the Doctor rather than to look inward for possible problems that may be causing the outer or skin problem or at least adding to it!

Bob Teague, learned through a simple program with Bert Seelman of! Bob tells his story how he suffered for years with many irritating, painful symptoms of psoriasis while doctors or dermatologists did not heal or get him any relief. Doctors prescribed many different pharmaceutical drugs, cremes, and lotions, these only masked the symptoms yet the disease persisted. With the use of various foods, supplements relief was fast and lasting.


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