Video 6 – Health, What Makes It

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Health, what makes it

Health, what is it, what makes or creates it, how to get it, and the facts you need to know or learn to keep it! Learn about healing, cures, and what makes it slow, or stop. Learn about disease, or medical illness problems and how they come about. Learn that you can increase or decrease your health and learn how to extend your life!

The human body has it’s cells totally replaced every 16 months, this allows for rapid changes in health and performance if a person learns the requirements!

To improve or get health, maintain health, it is about preventive measures in a natural, simple easy way using a balance, of nutrition or diet, specific foods and the order you eat them in! Listen to Bert Seelman explain the simplicity, the facts most not considered by most people because they have not researched or looked into self maintenance!

Health is a supplying to the physical body the materials or nutrients needed for fuel, repair, and restore the entire body!


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