Video 5 – Fat Loss, Lose Once for Life

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Weight loss once for life

Weight Loss, how to lose it, and how to have the loss once for life! The answers about what it takes, the facts, why, and the applications of nutrition, dieting, exercise for fat loss are discussed here!
The loss of fat or excess weight for life is a total possibility. The reality to lose fat for life, can and does happen IF, IF individuals would learn the underlying reasons or facts and their applications, this knowledge would give the individual the value of ‘why” to continue to do certain things on a continued basis!
This video will open your eyes to what, where, why and how the whole problem exists.
Bert Seelman of has developed “engineered programs” that can predict, repeat, and sustain results, by using facts, and these programs are measured, tested, proven for over 40 yrs!
Bert Seelman