Video 48 Shoulder Surgery – Labrum Repair, ….. Results, Tests, Costs, Beware


Rehabilitative shoulder surgery for labrum repair, the costs of tests, the program to rehabilitate, doctors attitudes should make a person beware, but the costs not known, and are too often unjustified and wrong, the truth is most often missing!  
This is the truth of one man’s actual results to get healing,  how to beware, and test the doctor, things not always known!

 It is about the “business of medicine”, extra costs, money, excessive tests, inconvenience not “the higher good” or healing for the patient. Bert Seelman of talks with Martin Reed, about his actual experience at Tucson Orthopedic Institute which was a terrible experience, and in every way went wrong, yet was a “normal course of action for the Physicians, and the evilness of medicine today.
Rehabilitative shoulder surgery or labrum repair, and costs that are not made known



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