Video 47 – Miracle Foods, Change Health Quickly,

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miracle food, that can change your health, quickly

miracle foods that change health quickly


A  diet with specific natural “miracle or super food’s” can quickly change the health of the body and improve your body for life! These miracle or super foods are important to know the benefits of, these can be health promoting and are essential types due to their functions, with other nutrient complexes, which act like natural medicines or cures. Foods are chemical compounds, that supply fuels, and materials for rebuilding and repairing or restoring!

Our physical body replaces cells at a rapid rate. Every sixteen plus months, every cell in our entire body is totally replaced. This allows for us to change our status or health and physical performance level, at a very rapid rate, which also allows for hope, with many conditions.

Disease, sickness occur due to imbalances. These imbalances can be corrected with understandings of requirements, the specifics of their applications, with working knowledge!

Bert Seelman of has a quote that says a lot, “food, it either does something for you, or it does something ,to you!”

Bert Seelman of briefly discusses basic important super foods, while he explains how and why they are so basic, yet critical.


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