Video 43 Acne, Skin Problems, the Real Cause

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Acne, Skin problems –

Acne, skin problems or (pimples) skin eruptions, what is the true problem or cause! Skin problems, how to cure it with a natural simple method to treat most of these skin conditions, all without pharmaceutical drugs or medication.  Nutrition or diet (foods), plus the way we wash our skin, plays a significant part in the true healing of this, and many other easy to cure conditions.


Sickness, or illness, or disease starts from bad choices, some with diet or nutrition, while other choices like what we use on our skin or body can be the cause of skin problems(acne)!

Bert Seelman of talks about how acne is not the skin or hormones alone, yet most dermatologists don’t know or consider what is or could be the deeper or true cause.

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