Video 42 – How, Why A Person Becomes Obese, Fat

 Obese, over weight, fat….how and why this happens


How and why a person becomes extreme overweight, obese, or fat, why it begins, where it starts and how it becomes a more extreme problem than just diet or food, can be a whole lot or a very little thing  depending on the the specific person! Extreme obesity is more than just physical health, it involves psychological needs or help, as well as the how to lose or the loss of fat, fitness or exercise, and diet!

Most weight or fat loss programs do not have the natural long term answers needed for individuals. money and return business is more important is appears. when a person decides to get healthy they need facts not myths, they need care, and working knowledge to keep the loss happening so motivation and accomplishment are attained.

Bert Seelman of has had great long term natural answers even for extreme weight loss success with many obese individuals. Those who have utilized his programs of learning, not just nutrition or diet, exercise or fitness, but the important needed psychological, intellectual components for continued success have developed a new lifestyle! All without using medical or surgical methods, which are a cover up of the problem.

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the cause of being obese, overweight,
Obese or extreme overweight, how and why it becomes a problem just starts or begins with diet plus exercise, to lose and continue the loss much more must be addressed!