Video 18 Weight Gain With College Students

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weight gain with college students

Worried about the “freshman 15” weight gain, or fat gain? Weight or fat gain is a problem, so is the loss and the results of nutrition on health! Weight gain is the concern for college students due to social events, looks and or self image!
 Diet or nutrition is only part, then there is exercise or fitness, which is too often done in a ineffective manner especially with college students. Bert Seelman of explains the reasons, the how and why college students usually gain weight and how to avoid it, once for a lifetime using his program.

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Worried about the freshman 15 weight or fat gain is the problem, the results of nutrition on health is the concern for college students!

Weight gain and fat loss are health concerns of college students, their food, diet,or nutrition program changes greatly this causes the excess weight gain which is referred to as the freshman 15