Video 37 Secret Truth Behind Medical Insignia

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Bert Seelman of describes the evil, almost secret truth, behind our modern medical insignia, or symbol, the Caduceus. Most individuals are not aware of what, why, or where these insignias mean, stand for and do not care! Even the medical oath has a secret meaning which is actually not about good or health as it has been altered for specific reasons most of which are actually evil! Check out our video pertaining to it!

The caduceus is a symbolic object,with a double or multiple meanings, it is spiritual, and represents Hermetic medicine. Hermes had to do with alchemy, commerce and the escort of the dead to Hades(hell) which is Lucifer. You will never see the medical field or the A.M.A., the same.
Note:The symbol has been slightly changed in modern times, depending on who used it and what rendition is used!

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