Video 32 – A Diet That Extends Life

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The Only Diet Proven to Extend Life

Bert Seelman of explains about the only diet that has been actually proven to extend life! Bert Seelman has been developing dietary programs for health, and physical performance for over 43 years! Bert’s programs for nutrition have worked in healing every imaginable disease for many, many clients, with fast effective measured results! Bert designed his programs around sound factual requirements not fads or convenience!

The how, what, why of the high nutrient, low calorie diet is an integral part (in a modified version) with’s  nutrition plan works so effectively, with their lose weight, fitness, or exercise programs! This type of diet or nutrition program means that the body can lose fat or accomplish weight loss yet still gain health, healing and performance because it has more vitamins, or natural nutrition. This simple diet is proven and easy for anyone to do or follow.. .

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