Video 30 – HEALING Without Exception

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Healing Without Exception

How to have Healing Without Exception, why everyone should have hope, and what it takes to cure or heal even the “so called” un-treatable, or incurable literally without exception! This video includes what the body requires, actually taking into account or treating the spirit, body and mind with natural methods, even when doctors with modern medicine do not have an answer! Man is three parts of true consideration, and all parts must be addressed for a true healing at the deepest levels!
This applies even to any stage of cancer, hepatitis C, HIV, diabetes, all can have HEALING when the whole or total person is considered!
Bert Seelman of explains why modern medicine fails, because of critical basic, yet obvious considerations. With over 43 years of “living proof” with clients who have had multiple terminal conditions, Bert explains why there are no incurable or un-treatable conditions!

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