Video 28 – Weight or Fat Loss, What Works What Doesn’t

 Weight loss or fat loss,  what works , what doesn’t…..

Loss the most important word to those who want leaner, thinner! This is about weight loss or fat loss, about the best, fast, diabetic safe, most effective program, proven to lose the most fat anywhere, unequaled, with measured proof of “only fat lost, while lean muscle is gained !” Learn the why, what, how of what actually makes programs work, the facts, methods, health improving (diabetic safe) diet methods that deliver more unequaled results, anywhere! All this is information used to develop a program for the success of clients for the long term. The program idea was, that people could learn the intellect or reasons (facts), so there would be a “value” within a persons core beliefs, to continue doing what was healthful, and not regress back to bad habits, that created the problems of excess weight or fat gain!choices_m

This program has been taught effectively for over 43 years, and even “over the phone” to clients across the country, and across the globe with the same extreme great results! The only variable is the client!

This program uses simple fact based information, that starts at the cell level. It is about “what the body’s systems dictate! This program works with the actual requirements, processs, and actually teaches the individuals to know the next move!

This video will explain just the overview, yet enlighten you to points that most programs never consider! Because most programs are about money, not clients results, let alone teaching “the long term natural answers!” 

This is explained by Bert Seelman, of who has learned from clients who experience all sorts of bad results, and has helped them to succeed, Bert says it simply, with facts and experiential knowledge he teaches clients to fixbroken programs!

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