Video 26 The Three Part Man – Being

The three part man, spirit, mind, and body explained


The three part man, spirit, mind, body explained, the connection of the whole or complete human man, what is the true order, how, and why they make up the whole being, mental or intellect or psychological, and how to gain a simple way to understand it!
Bert Seelman of talks about the actual facts, the order, the reality that few have a true understanding of, the what, why, and how!  Yet people try to explain and connect it, but without really complete accuracy, so this video lays out some very basic facts, or layers of understanding what the areas of operation are! Many individuals do not know why healing is so often not gained or acquired! Healing and having it when needed  is a very specific part of understanding the complete man! Disease or sickness how it happens,and why it is usually started in the spirit!



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