Video 15 – Nutrition, the Basics, 1

Nutrition, the basic’s,what you need to know

Nutrition, the basics of what you need to know, and how to apply many of the facts or factors of nutrition, diet or food to help in gaining increased health, performance, and length of life! Nutrition or specific foods, herbs and supplements also can serve as a preventive medicine! Our bodies are regenerated down to every cell every 16 months, so imagine the great possibilities for change in health, performance, and length, plus quality of life!

Each and every food has specific values or contents for fuel and repair! Along with being used for energy or repair, the combing of foods in your diet at each meal, can be a good or bad combination, while causing the body to work harder to get nutrients from the food than the amount of nutrients available in that food!

Diet or nutrition is “the major factor” in creating, improving and maintaining health because each and every food we put into our body either does something for us or it does something to us!

Several of these views are explained in this lecture number 2 by Bert Seelman. ( watch part 1 first)
. Bert has developed programs for increased health for all types of sickness, disease, and sports performance with unequaled results for over 43 years!