Video 14 – Proper Exercise Execution

Exercise execution properly performed

Exercise execution properly performed, by Armand Rhone, for BERT SEELMAN
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Exercise is an application of stress, applied in varied ways, for or to cause a triggering or stimulus for a change in the state of muscles usually meaning increased strength or endurance ! There are many ways to apply these stimuli, however and Bert Seelman have spent over 43 years developing effective,and or efficient methods to optimize results.

Many coaches, trainers, and individuals have “ideas” of how these exercises should be applied however they are still in most cases not done in a truly proper manner! Bert Seelman decided to learn and use minimal time and greatest overall return in “ALL” or as many applications as possible! This video is to help direct a method that is commonly taught yet “NOT UNDERSTOOD, NOR PERFORMED” as it should be! this video is to give a “view, in action” of  “HOW” to perform exercise in a most effective method!