EXERCISE, There Are Only Two Types….

Defective or Ego Self-centered exercise, or Measurable, and Factual based proven Exercise.

Yes, everyone has their favorite type of exercise, or actually it is their preferred way of moving around so as to call it exercise!

Just because someone likes or prefers a certain type of movements, speed of movement, or style of movement, does not make it actual “exercise!”

There is RECREATION, the action or process of creating something again, by Webster’s.

There is EXERCISE, activity requiring physical effort, carried out specifically to improve or sustain health and fitness, by Webster’s.

There is exercise that demonstrates strength and is ballistic in performance as in competitive lifts. Then there is strength exercise which is for building or increasing strength which is the Proper Way to exercise, these types should not be confused!

Then there are the actual physiological facts that must be utilized to create measurable results. These facts can be effectively and efficiently used to guarantee predictable, measurable, repeatable, and sustainable results!

There are the EGOMANIACS, who claim things like Cross Fit is the best or the effective way to gain strength or endurance, wrong! There are those who will swear by Orange Theory, wrong, there are those who swear yoga is exercise, wrong! None of these previous types of wishful programs can produce as many results, in the shortest time, like true “PROGRESSIVE RESISTANCE TRAINING.”

NOTE: If…If, full range movements, with proper applications or distance, resistance, timing, and sequence are used, resistance training is the most effective and efficient way to produce strength, endurance, cardio vascular, and metabolic benefits or increases!

Individuals most often change exercise programs because of staleness, or the lack of continuing results! The problem with staleness or lack of results has little to do with the actual exercise!

There are three major factors that must be balanced by a Coach or Trainer. The three factors are, 1 exercise, 2 nutrition, 3 rest / sleep. Nutrition is the “materials” that actually form and repair the new tissues! Rest or sleep allows for materials to actually be “put in place.” Rest or time also allows for materials to be accumulated, processed, and readied to put into place!

Exercise is the stimulus, or the triggering for growth or increases! Exercise needs to be intense, brief, effective, all the while allowing for the other processes to work for making the measurable results!

Exercise can, should produce predictable, measurable, results if…IF…ALL THE FACTS ARE UTILIZED WITH KNOWLEDGE!

When a person does an exercise program it should be able to reasonably predict the results, even if the program needs adjustments, those adjustments, should be incremented, measured, and the outcome quite predictable, if facts are used!

When an exercise program cannot predict out comes, it is self-evident that there is a need for working knowledge and applications!

Note: IF a program does not use multiple tests, measurements, and planned processes it is not worth putting you time, money and energy into!

There are tons of so called experts out there, until you start demanding measurable results, then the field is pretty much cleared!

Anything can be engineered, through, facts, measured applications, consistency, if one is willing to slow down and methodically engineer a prescribed plan!

So, if results are the goal, then facts, with knowledge, precise applications should produce measurable results!

The list of requirements for continuing results…


Correct – efficient applications,

Measurements, foods (nutrients or supplements), exercise, logging,



Re-planning, … etc., etc., etc.

When someone cannot consistently measure progressive results “overtraining” or over stimulating is a typical problem! It is always better to error on the side of more recovery (meaning more nutrients, and rest/time off) than on the side of more exercise or stress!

What kind of program are you on, what type of trainer do you have, is your health being compromised! Remember for most coaches or trainers, the money is what the message is about, or keeping the client training, rather than the client’s progress!

After 43+ years working in this field it has gone backwards not forward, meaning more ego, less intelligent methods, even less health, and much less working knowledge!


Bert Seelman                                  ©copyright Bert Seelman 2017


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