Trainer Training and Verification

Verification / Certification for Trainers, coaches and instructors

OUR training or “verification programs” as opposed to certification alone, will give actual understanding and the ability through critical experience in applications of working knowledge! This training will “develop the ability to teach clients, how to actually gain measurable results,” as opposed to those who were unfortunately “taken and or misled” by standard certification programs.

OUR “verification training” for trainers, coaches, instructors, and body workers is a type of trade school, with “hands on training,” with an imparting or actual transference of ability “for those“ who want to deliver the ultimate or very best, in results for their clients.”

Courses will include such things as basic to advanced client histories, comprehensive formula’s to develop individual plans, for delivering minimal to extreme measurable “Results,!” These individuals will be learning the various factors and variables of the what, why, and how!

Trainers, coaches, instructors or students will be able to predict, repeat, and sustain, the results! Additional teaching sessions in “the use of working knowledge” will be available! Sessions to learn various testing, exercise, exercise specific’s, routine building, equipment variables, nutrition, supplementation, preventive health, recovery, rehabilitation, and much more are available!

An individual or student can go from basic program implementations, to learning ultra performance improving methodologies, and or specific modes of remedial approaches in rehabilitation, for not just limb, musculature, nerve, but total internal response improvements as well!

Our staff and associates have not just studied courses and gathered a base of information, they have actually gone through each dietary, supplementation, exercise, and conditioning program themselves, they are verified! The verification is theirs, the have done this and can produce desired results in clients!
Our staff have worked with clients, and are actually able to deliver and guarantee results to those who follow their instruction.

Specific programs are subject to change, as programs are designed according to each individual’s desired level of deliverables in varied areas.

PROGRAMS for “those desiring to be the very best” will start with – a six to eight day intensive here, while completing eight weeks plus, at home.(unless desire to learn here)
Then a second intensive, program of “a variable time here” according to specific desired needs to acquire or build degrees of proficiency will be required, as for additional training applications, experience, etc!

Note: There is intensive amounts of varied readings, which may be done prior to visits here! However specific testing procedures, plus certain exercise applications, will need to be performed and taught during time training here. Note: This learning is intense, in variances of applications, details, measurements, and learning of evaluations with different scenario’s of clients! This work has been developed over 50+ years of learning and experience, it cannot be learned over night! Those desiring to excel, the opportunity exists, our record of health, healing and performance speak for themselves!

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