The Program Works Because –

The reason is “FACTS”  have been the foundation of our ENGINEERED Programs, this allows for Predictable, Repeatable, and Sustainable results, that are measured, tested, and proven! The program has had fast, effective, results in all instances when clients have followed the protocols designed for the specific problematic areas.
Some of areas have been:

Adolescence and growth, Allergies,
Cancer and tumors, Chronic fatigue, Blood chemistry, Bones problems, Diabetes,
Gestational conditions, Glucose intolerance (diabetes), HIV,
Hormonal problems, Intolerance, Insomnia,
Joint problems,
Mood and mental problems, Menopause,
Muscle damage,
Nerve damage, Obesity (morbid),
Organ function (any-­‐ all), Pregnancy, Rehabilitation physical, Respiratory,
Skin disorders, Toxicity

And more…
It is imperative that certain problematic causes must be “eliminated before” the addition of positive components, so balance can be promoted. If these problematic causes are not removed prior, to the addition of positive nutrients and foods, the positive effects can and will be slowed or neutralized.

Proper sequence and timing are also critical factors.
Proper prior preparation of the digestive system is a must, yet most often it is not a consideration and therefore sets the stage for yet another failure.
Most programs attempting to treat many conditions are many times lacking in this understanding of nutrient and or foods qualities, quantities, and frequency of needs! These are just a few of the insights that have had not just Physicians endorsing this program, but also Board Certified Physicians and of course the thousands of letters and client testimonials are as we have always referred to, proof, the results are proof.
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