The Program Started How….

The “program” started how, it was…

The IDEA / concept ……

Design build a program where any one, male or female, any age, any condition, can drastically change their physical status, meaning composition, state of physical performance, internal health, external looks or image! All the while learning to predict, maintain, plus sustain the total new existence of the new improved gained capacities and total working knowledge to keep it for life!
Why not…. After all we can fly…… We can talk on the air waves…. SO why not……?????

REQUIREMENTS / the needs or requirements…..
“Facts”of “optimizing nutrition” with knowledge of amounts of insured “supplies of adequate” materials or requirements! Then learn the “adequate time” to “process all needed requirements” while response mechanisms are “made ready” to form, build, or “make increased capacities or changes!”

Maximizing the needed depth of stimulation, while minimizing the amounts of stimulation, there by optimizing use of accumulated reserves for improvements!”

TESTS / proving and proof
In searching for new results producing facts and those being the deciding factors, meant all utilized methods must be, are, and have been, at the least multi tested, proven and proven! The new facts for results had to be derived from open minded, observant, critical thinking, and accurate applications that were found to be “repeatable” proving there by they are actual fact!

Development of a “program or system” of “fast” or “time efficient,” effective, repeatable, measurable results, plus having the goal of being “health benefiting,” reliable, “value changing” methods! Now, while this became “a reality,” all the while we could not be sub-coming to limiting thinkers, their influences, and limiting concepts!

Bottom line, design build a program or “protocol” that increased physical human performance, no matter what condition, each and every time, at levels that had only been imagined!

“A program that” was Unexcelled, Unequaled, in any way, any where, period! All the deliverables we so desired to be able to transfer to anyone, anywhere!

engineered programs
engineered programs

REALIZED, it has happened……
Forty three years in the making, with thousands of satisfied clients, with endorsements that are beyond believable, and a world believing these results can’t be real! The program “is real,” is here, and deliverable literally anywhere! The program has been worked from afar, across the globe and delivers the same amazing predictable, repeatable, and sustainable results, provided the client stay the course!

Just like incurable and untreatable are only in reality “a state of the minds saying such….!!!!”