The Great Disconnect Explained

The Great Disconnect Explained

 The semantics or word games….

Ever wonder why so very many individuals are “not getting results” in areas that they will tell you is important to them? For instance, think about so called “fitness” programs or “health and wellness.” Well there are reasons that these people are taken in or end up as they say on the short end of the old proverbial stick! Why are they seemingly so mis-fortunate? It isn’t that difficult to figure out. Look around, listen up, watch, and pay serious attention to the what, why,and how most individuals do things. It will become self-evident!

People are by nature quite “lazy,” or slothful, they take “the easy way”out.
Yes people want things cheap, fast, easy, oh yes, and they want it”yesterday!” Call it entitlement, or wishful thinking, or as previously stated just plain “LAZY!”

So because of the overwhelming desire to get things easy, they tend to”not do the needed home work.” By the homework I mean, that to do anything well or “correctly,” it is going to take some research, and effort. Research means “time to look into what, why, how,” and establish a pattern or plan, using facts and information in the “optimal” way for the outcome, to be the desired result.

So because some things that are of greater value, people will take more “time, effort, and cost,” while most tend to do the bare minimum. This is true, even when it comes to listening to or thinking about “what is exactly being said!” You see most people, only hear the parts they are looking for. If it is close to what’s wanted, that is usually enough to get a “buy in,” by the individual. In other words even if it only sounds “close” it will be accepted as what was desired!

So if we watch closely, we will see that any close approximation or the results desired will be and usually is accepted. It is a word game, or semantic’s shaded by emotions, because of the overwhelming desire to get, attain, and have the end desired result.

The word “man”could be meaning “adult male” but the word “boy”is accepted, after all its a “male of the species. Then there is the word “gas” which could be a “liquid” fuel. But then again the word “gas” could be meaning a state of “vaporous liquid!” So one see’s the word “gas” and the rest of the facts about “what exactly you need” is not fully always looked into or considered and the individual gets “what they “feel” or “perceive” you want! So, the game of fitness, exercise, sports training, health and weight loss is hugely played upon with semantics !

It is because of most individuals “lazy” nature or mood or thoughts, that things get “not accurately or fully communicated,” ending up in the loss of the end desired result.

It is the case of “close,” isn’t really being “close” at all! Then there is the problem with “perception” added to our emotion! When “perception is added to emotion” most people see or feel this is “reality” and this is when, it is most definitely not anywhere close, to reality at all.

For example when most people want to “lose weight,” they believe (perceive) that means “fat loss,” however, that is way far from the reality of what is usually happening.

Most “weight loss” programs are just what it says ” weight loss,” some being fat and some being “lean muscle” which slows the metabolism! Yes most programs for loss of weight are actually responsible for up to 50% of the actual loss being lean muscle. The person sees that the “weight went down” so “that is all that mattered.” When in reality, the loss did as much and actually more in damage than good, to help future “fat loss.”

The word here should have been a “fat loss program” and actual accurate body composition test should have been performed to “verify” what was actually in true reality lost. The “health and learning” of this type of program is “what most are looking for,” for the “long term solution.” Here again the semantics or word games or perceptions were played upon, for someone’s financial gain. My quote regarding this is this, “they were played upon, to be preyed upon!”

Let us look at some of the mis-perceived or inaccurate perceptions to be wary of. As I see this as we are “DISCONNECTED” from what really is! Everyone is aware of the verbiage of what is called “slight of hand,” and these so called tricks are not seen “accurately or clearly!”

In today’s world of fast paced life, or “me now,” many have become very self centered and will do almost anything to benefit. So it is with the word games of semantics, you might call it, slight of word “tricks,” where without careful listening, perceptions are not what the reality desired is!

The great disconnect_PageThe preceding words and examples are only the slightest beginning to the “games”that are being played out! Individuals must find the time to do “adequate research” and demand testing or proof, so that they do not end up being, “played upon and become preyed upon.” In dealings even in the so called fitness field, of trainers, instructors, etc., aren’t we dealing with our very “life forces?” To me it never was “just about exercise,” it has always been about people’s ” life forces!”


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