The Genetics Lie

GENETICS – The Great Lies –

YES – LIES……. proof                                                                                                                                

We have all been lied to about the types of problems we experience!
The modern medical model is about finance, money, control through fear by Physicians or Doctors whom have actually no working knowledge to actually prevent or heal! These so called Professional are taught by Big Pharmaceutical companies, and the pharmaceuticals heal nothing, actually only masking symptoms, keeping people paying extortion through these types of lies un-researched by the patients!

I have always known that we have greater potential, as God created us in love and completeness! Please try to follow this and just be open…..oh…and awake, lights on please!

Every 16 months EVERY CELL is replaced in our being, imagine what possibilities that creates!

So OUR FOOD is what we become, or we literally become the old adage, you are what you eat!

Now there are scientist who study genetics and they have some unbelievable insights! These people are called epi-­genetisist.

Here is an article that will forever change your thinking.

 A Pregnant Mother’s Diet May Turn the Genes Around                                                               By Sandra Blakeslee  –  Published: October 07, 2003 –  NEW YORK TIMES

This article brings out the point that genes are turned ON and OFF to a greater or lesser degree! Meaning that if you were to have black hair it might turn out dark brown because the genes were not turned on or off all the way, and this happens because of …ADEQUATE AMOUNTS OF NUTRIENTS…or food make up!

This article shows that diet is effecting health, and formation at the moment of conception and after!…..FOOD… NUTRITION is the key thing in “GENETICS, and how it is EXPRESSED!” (plus more – read here)

So if great, great, grandpa ate like crap, the chances are that great grandpa like crap, and then grandpa learned to eat like crap, so dad ate like crap, get it!  (a type of pattern/habits)

So if great, great, grandpa did not have all his nutrients, then his son did not get the genes turned on or off at full potential, thereby he did the same to his sons and so on! So deficiencies in nutrition are the problem, “NOT the GENES,” HELLO!

SO IT IS …. SOCIO, FAMILIAL, ECONOMIC EATING PATTERNS! The genes are good, they just do not get the food they need to make you whole potential happen……this is how I do not have my dad’s or grand dads health problems,(think about this) and I have lived 40% longer than anyone in my family’s in history!

So it IS NOT GENETICS, the genes are there, they need to be TURNED ON MORE, by FOOD or adequate nutrition!   (read proof of it actually working/happening here)

So if you wonder how we get these good results with our program development, it is simple! I see that GOD created us with his guidance, to live long without disease! That is why GOD had EATING LAWS!

So WE are only giving the body what the DNA makers are designed for, or what is obvious by design and required!     (it is actual engineering)


SO DO NOT ACCEPT LIES, TAKE CHARGE……LISTEN UP! Do what the body “requires!”

REMEMBER, you have all cells replaced approximately every 16 months, so what hopes and changes we can, actually make!

We have actual board certified physicians endorsements of our clients getting well, healed on our programs when followed, which was not accomplished while under “conventional treatment,” so you decide!


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