Testimony – Rosie’s Story

Rosie’s Story
Rosie, a single mother of four children and a housekeeper, worked 12 to 16 hours a day. In her late thirties, she stood five-foot-two and weighed 340 pounds. She traveled as much as 1,200 miles per week to serve her housekeeping clients. The only thing wearing out faster than her car was Rosie. Not surprisingly, she suffered from chronic colds, the flu, and severe energy depletion.
Sixteen years ago, Rosie started working as my housekeeper, a position I’m happy to say that she maintains today. When she started, I offered her dietary hints and pleaded with her to take supplements, which I gave her, and she sometimes accepted. Years later, she confided that she would secretly return the supplements to their bottles because she didn’t want to take advantage of professional help without paying for it.
After quite a few years, Rosie had a car accident. Being uninsured and unable to afford rehabilitation, she went to a chiropractor. She was promptly told to lose weight to help heal the physical injuries caused by accident. This time Rosie sought my professional advice.
Within the first year of working with her, she safely lost over 180 pounds; within eighteen months, she lost 210 pounds. Her physical limitations were corrected, as were her chronic conditions.
Now in her late forties, she works a full schedule, maintains her weight around 130 pounds, and preaches the gospel of balance.
As an interesting note, when Rosie lost her first 100 pounds, I had straps placed on a barbell. I strapped it to her arms and had her carry the weight for five minutes. She could not believe that she was carrying all that extra weight that she had just lost. It ingrained in her that she never wanted to gain the weight back again.
Here is a housekeeper who was low on time and income, yet who applied the knowledge and instruction of this program consistently and effectively to improve her daily life, and she has never regained her fat.

This ending for Rosie….. IS STILL TRUE TO THIS DAY! 8/25 2019