Testimony – Paul

Endorsement from Paul Bergman SR to his friend.
My heart was out of wack a year ago. I went to a heart doctor, and he started me on pills. [ High blood pressure and cholesterol meds] He doubled the dose after three months because I wasn’t improving. The heartbeat was very erratic also. He wanted to do a bunch of tests too right-away, but I told him we should wait and see if the pills would help. It had me concerned. I called my son’s health and nutrition man and started on[‘committed to’ is a better phrase] a PROPER DIET and exercise program. I quit the pills within 2 wks. of beginning the program, and haven’t been back to that doctor since!!! Doctors only treat symptoms. The guy I found knows his stuff. In 7 months, I dropped 40 lbs by doing what was needed. It wasn’t easy at first, but now I feel 20 yrs younger. I don’t even have many aches anymore. This guy has a book “the GREAT FITNESS FRAUD” by Bert Seelman. You have to do what he says, and it WILL work!!!!! I hope to be back for our reunion.