Testimony – My Attorney, Professor

My blood sugar was high and out of control. My morning fasting blood sugar readings were as follows: September 2011 “E. GREEN” – Working Long Distance by Phone
Average: 325.85; High: 396; Low: 237; October 2011
Average: 259; High: 393; Low: 172; November 2011
Average: 201.17; High: 239; Low 164; December 2011 – up to and including December 16
Average: 201; High: 220; Low: 196.
During the months of September and October, my physician prescribed various medications and seeing little results at first, continued to increase dosages (Metafomin-500mg to 1,500mg daily; adding Amaryl; and increasing the Lantus injections from 5units to 10units and then 20 units). Eventually, by mid- October, my medications were as follows:
Metformin (Glucophage)1 – 500mg tablets – three times per day; Amaryl (Glimepiride)2 – 1mg tablet – once per day;
Lantus (Insulin glargine)3 – 20unit injection – once per day.
I started Bert’s diet with his recommended supplements on December 16, 2011. I continued to take my morning fasting blood sugar readings. I knew if my blood sugar levels went too low that this could result in a dangerous situation. My ideal blood sugar level would be between 115-130. As previously discussed with my physician, and confirmed with Bert, I could incrementally reduce my medication as my blood sugar decreased.
Here are my results so far:
December 16 – Day I started Bert’s program: Morning fasting blood sugar 212. Taking all physician-prescribed medication;
December 17 – Morning fasting blood sugar 164–drop of 48.
December 18 – Morning fasting blood sugar 144–drop of 20. Cut back on Metformin from 1,500mg to 1,000mg (3 to 2 tablets);
December 19 – Morning fasting blood sugar 148–I expected a higher spike than four after reducing medication. Cut back on Metformin from 1,000mg to 500mg (2 to 1 tablet); Took my blood sugar before dinner – 114.
December 20 – Morning fasting blood sugar 129–drop of 19. Eliminated Amaryl. Took my blood sugar before dinner – 131.
December 21 – Morning fasting blood sugar 127–drop of 2. Eliminated last Metformin tablet. Took my blood sugar before dinner – 123.
December 22 – Morning fasting blood sugar 121–drop of 6–this is with no Metformin nor Amaryl, only 20units of Lantos. Reducing Lantos to 10units.
Blood sugar 212 DEC 16th. — Blood sugar 121. DEC 22 nd ONE WEEK