Testimony B and B

6/20 /2008
I just wanted to mention that after two weeks, I feel great. I am more aware this time of the small changes I feel and see. When I first started the program five years ago, it was a huge adjustment. I was focused on all the lifestyle changes because they were all new. With no surprises this time, I find myself just appreciating and enjoying every single positive change that comes with the commitment.

I was happy to hear that you were working on a book. I had this huge fantasy that it would change the entire world. I have recently realized that you offer more than can ever be bound in a book. No price tag can be placed on what you offer when a client commits. I continue to pray that your book(s) will come to be the way you wish, but I want you to know that if they don’t change the entire world, they have already truly indeed changed my world.

Do you remember that wall that you referred to? Well, I can approach that wall healthier and stronger in mind, body, and spirit now. It might take a lifetime to climb it, but I will not give up. With good people behind me, I have the courage and strength to attempt it.

I am excited and hopeful that B…d will commit. I know he will feel better physically and most importantly, spiritually. He needs a spiritual mentor. I know God puts certain people in our lives for a reason. Thanks for not giving up on us!!

Have a great weekend!!

Love, B….e