Terms and Conditions

I agree and understand that any, and all information, advice, suggestions, information, idea’s or any other communications received from Bert Seelman are not to be used to go against any of the advice, directions or instructions of any Physicians or Doctors in any way.

Illness, sickness, nutrition, lack in physical performance, should all come under the direction of properly trained medical professionals, Physicians, Doctors, Nutritionist, and Physical Therapist.

I understand that any consulting received by Bert Seelman is strictly his own views, experience, and ideas. These views, experiences, and ideas are not to be replacement of care from a qualified Physician. Bert Seelman is in no way responsible for my use or utilization of any information, ideas, information, shared suggestions or use of herbs, supplements, exercise or nutritional discussions. This pertains to myself and anyone in my care.

Because each individuals needs and requirements vary I the signed below acknowledge that the information and intellectual properties that Bert Seelman will be imparting to me, my family, and my clients as part of our e-­‐mails, meetings and discussions is in its sequence and context confidential and it is proprietary information belonging to Bert Seelman and Bert Seelman’s Performance Fitness Systems only.

I further agree that I will not use, disclose directly or indirectly, any ideas, information, knowledge, training, applications of information or dietary methods, formulas, techniques, procedures or ideas received as a result of my relationship with Bert Seelman and Performance Fitness Systems, nor shall I use such information for myself, or any other person or entity to enter into competition with Bert Seelman and Performance Fitness Systems for the benefit of myself or any other participant or party. This applies either within the U.S.A. or any other country. I further agree to pay any and all expenses, including reimbursement for time incurred by Bert Seelman to enforce this agreement and including any and all expenses for attorney’s fees, court costs including any damages judged against me