Stroke Endorsement

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To whom it may concern,

I had first heard of Bert Seelman of Performance Fitness Systems / Results are Proof, in casual conversation from my Dad (pre stroke) and stepmom. They were both on his program and learning about nutrition, some herbal remedies and exercise. My father was at high risk for prostate cancer and during the program was able to lower his PSA count significantly. My stepmother had had continual problems over the years with cancerous moles on her skin and was having them surgically removed every six months or so. She was also able to diminish calcification in her breast tissue with Bert’s help.

When I really started hearing more about Bert was when my sister was diagnosed with MS and my dad had convinced her to go and see Bert and work with him for a couple of weeks. She was extremely overworked and stressed, nutritionally lacking, but Bert nor two other professionals who work closely with him thought she had MS. They concluded that the symptoms were acting like MS, but it wasn’t. Nevertheless he put her on the program, because she was in dire need of a lifestyle change, MS or not. She had a lessening of the symptoms within weeks, increased in vitality and significant reduction of her symptoms.


I consulted Bert immediately when my daughter, Alondra she was born with Spina Bifida. When she was born she had a fluid filled lesion on her lower spine. Some of the nerves were out of the spinal column and in the sac. Luckily the spinal cord was not out of the canal as well. She had her first operation on her second day of life to close up the bottom of the spine and put the nerves back. She had her second operation on her eighth day of life to have a shunt put in after she was found to have Hydrocephalus. As the hospital personnel were throwing all kinds of information and statistics and possible conditions she might have to deal with. This was totally beyond the scope of anything I had ever learned about in my time studying health, herbs and healing in general.

I began the program with Bert, while I was in the hospital with my newborn. Bert informed me that the baby would receive everything she would need nutritionally for her healing in my breast milk. At this point I knew I would have to do everything I could with my own nutrition to ensure her future health. Because of what I did, today she is on track with her all her development in all areas. She is in the top percentiles for height for her age. She has thrived when they thought she wouldn’t. She walks when they said she might not. We have reversed any conditions associated with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.

My dad was even able to help my grandmother. With some basic supplementation and electrolytes, of Bert’s advice, she made great improvements with her dementia.

My dad has been on Bert’s program for about two years. He has reduced his PSA count, which when high can indicate prostate cancer. During the summer, when he returned to the east coast to visit family, we were all surprised when he had a stroke. The truth is, if he hadn’t been in the shape he was in, nutritionally and physically he wouldn’t have made it. When he regained consciousness, he was paralyzed on his right side. Over the next few days he regained the feeling in his right leg and torso but remained paralyzed on the right side of his face and the right arm. His speech was also impaired greatly. After leaving the ICU he was transferred to a so called top rehabilitation center where he spent three weeks as an inpatient and over three months as an outpatient. This rehab center is renowned and could not produce any significant results.

When my dad showed up at Bert’s facility in Tucson eight months later, he could barely feel or move his right arm below the elbow, let alone his hand. After three weeks working with Bert and his associate Marie, he has full mobility of his arm and hand with only some fine tuning left to do with the fine motor skills in his hand. Bert has started working on the right side of the face and since then his speech has improved.

I have been amazed at how Bert has helped my whole family. I have studied and practiced several forms of bodywork and have studied nutrition and herbs over the years, but Bert and his associates have such a greater understanding of how the body works than I have seen anywhere else. Since then I have been studying and now have been offered an opportunity to start an extension of the services that Bert Seelman’s Performance Fitness Systems offers. I will now be able to not only share knowledge, but, to quote Bert, be able to share the “working knowledge.”

Artemisia Petti