Specifics for Your Personalized Program Success

Specifics for Your Personalized Program Success

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These guidelines are for client success in dietary programs designed for Bert Seelman’s clients!

  1. READ all of the dietary specifics, and all materials at least TWICE, immediately!
  2. Reread the guidelines for YOUR specific program, BEFORE each snack or meal!
  3. Reread supplement suggestions before each appointed time for consumption!
  4. Make things easy for accuracy by possibly posting the guidelines to cupboard doors!
  5. Carry a copy of your specifics with you throughout the day to ensure you are accurately following!
  6. Do not try to prepare food as you go through the day, pre‐prepare extra meals and snacks ahead! Realize it is easier to make 3-­‐4 portions while making 1 so do not “waste” your time, and efforts!
  7. Take the time to “plan ahead,” like deigning an actual menu for several days ahead, once this is done it is easy to slightly change and vary foods to avoid “boredom!”
  8. Make shopping list that contain main types of foods you like and fit the specifics, you carry with you! This will help for times you “need to get things!”
  9. Make a “check list” of what you need for having extra snacks or “quick easy meals” that can go in a cooler to take with you during the day! The “just in case” things to ensure your success!
  10. Note: IF you find yourself failing to “get things done properly, and on time” the problem is without excuse after the second or third time you should have ASKED! IF you have a illness or health problem or serious rehab need and are not getting the “specifics” done as needed, ASK FOR HELP IN “HOW TO GET IT DONE!”

PROGRAMS designed for our clients, are designed to “MAKE SURE OF THE CLIENTS SUCCESS!” When guidelines are not followed, the desired RESULTS will not happen! It is the “CLIENTS RESPONSIBILITY” to read, follow, and re-­read if necessary!

We are committed, we will gladly answer all questions, once or twice, however if the questions are covered in materials given, it is you!

Please we are here to help, and support your program, we cannot do it for you!

NOTE: WE are always willing for you to call, anytime for help! (if you are in a personalized program!)

REQUIRED: Please when calling, ALWAYS have pen and paper in hand when calling for answers to questions, so that you will not need to ask again, as then you will have answers in the future written down should we not be immediately available!


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